MA Entrance Requirements

Design Products

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Candidates for all MA courses are assessed on their existing qualities as demonstrated in their work and in their interview, as well as on their potential to benefit from the programme and to achieve MA standards overall. The assessment will consider: creativity, imagination and innovation evident in the work; ability to articulate the intentions of the work; intellectual engagement in relevant areas; appropriate technical skills; overall interview performance, including oral use of English.

Entrance requirements for Design Products are:

  • a good undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • proficient written and spoken English

Several years of professional experience, either before or after a first degree, is a benefit.

Applications are welcomed from candidates from related backgrounds, such as art or engineering.

Digital Portfolio

  • This should describe your abilities in design and presentation. It should include representative samples of drawings, model-making and any other work-up material at investigative or exploratory stages of the design process, as well as presentation of finished pieces.
  • It should also contain samples of any written work, technical studies or additional work carried out in conjunction with the design projects.
  • The portfolio should show the range and variety of skills and experience but should emphasise your knowledge of the subject for which you are applying. 

Please note:

  • Digital extracts of sketchbooks and notebooks should be included (if invited for interview, you should bring sketchbooks with you).
  • Physical /actual objects should be represented by photographs and can be brought to interview should you be selected.
  • Working drawings and photographs of finished work should be dated and have attached a brief written explanation.
  • All work submitted should be correctly titled and clearly marked with your name.
  • Joint project work or collaborative projects must be clearly described as such. You must indicate clearly the exact role that you played in the creation of the work submitted.
  • Where it can be shown that you have submitted work that is not your own, as if it was your own, or it transpires that the level of your involvement in joint work has been seriously exaggerated, or where false statements have been made on an application form or other document considered by an admissions board, you may be disqualified.  

Interview (if invited)

  • Any work carried out after the submission of the portfolio or any work in progress can be brought to the interview.
  • You should bring sketchbooks to your interview.
  • You are expected to be able to talk confidently and objectively about your own work, and about your personal ambitions for future work at the College.
  • You will be asked to undertake a small assignment, which you should bring to the interview.

For full details of cross-College entrance requirements and portfolio requirements (if applicable), see Cross-College Requirements

Cross College Requirements

For full details of cross-College entrance requirements and portfolio requirements (if applicable), see MA Entrance Requirements.

Fees & Funding

Applicants to the RCA from England and the EU are likely to be eligible for the new Postgraduate Student Loan of up to £10,000 per course of study. 

Tuition fees for 15-month MA programmes in 2017/18 are: UK/EU: £14,500 per annum; Overseas: £34,000 per annum. 

Tuition fees for 2-year MA programmes in 2017/18 are: UK/EU: £9,500 per annum (£19,000 total fee); Overseas: £28,400 per annum (£56,800 total fee). 

Fees for joint MA/MSc programmes differ. See Tuition Fees for further information. 

Students should estimate the cost of living in London at £12,000–£15,000 per year. 

For further information on funding visit Financial Help, or email

If you are from the USA you should note that the Royal College of Art is designated as an eligible institution for American students to apply for a Guaranteed Student Loan under the new Direct Loan Program. The RCA's School Code is 00942300.

Applications 2017/18

Online applications are now open. Apply here

If you are considering applying to the College, you can prepare for your application by researching the academic programmes offered by each of the Schools, and accessing the Tuition Fees and Funding Support information available. The College provides a number of bursaries towards fees and the costs of living in London. They are available to home and EU students on a competitive basis. For further details, please see Financial Help.

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