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“The ways in which we live, work, study and relax have changed in ways that were unthinkable just a few months ago. Governments look to medics, scientists and social scientists to steer us through the pandemic. But if it's true that sciences give us life, but the arts make life worth living, surely now, more than ever, we need the insights that art and design can offer as we look towards life after the pandemic.”

Dr Emma Wakelin Director of Research & Innovation at the RCA

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Past talks

A panel discussion showcasing how design innovators are pioneering interventions and developing technologies to tackle the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world.

with Nadia Danhash, Dotplot and Know Your Lemons Foundation

Black and white headshot composite photo of Dr Nadia Danhash, Debra Babalola, Shefali Bohra and Dr Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont

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A conversation between Ben Evans (Director, London Design Festival), Philip Dodd (Chair, Creative agency Made in China) and Nadia Danhash (Director, InnovationRCA). Together, they discuss their views on the issues that Design Education faces in the 21st century.

with Ben, Philip and Nadia

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This talk, introduced by Professor Victoria Walsh, brought together internationally renowned media artist Refik Anadol and curator/researcher Linda Rocco to discuss the impact of AI and emerging technologies on established ‘art world’ norms, reshaping the conditions of curating and art-making.

with Refik Anadol & Linda Rocco

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This talk brought together three independent publishers, all of them graphic designers to discuss the art, craft and practicalities of publishing books at a time when the world is increasingly turning digital and virtual.

with Adrian Shaughnessy, FUEL and Plan B

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This talk brings together artist, Marco Brambilla with Daniel Birbaum, director of Acute Art and John Slyce, Senior Tutor, RCA to discuss how VR is changing contemporary art and the impact 3D imaging technologies have on the art world ecosystem.

with Marco Brambilla, Daniel Birbaum and John Slyce

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This talk brought together Artist Kathrin Böhm, RCA Tutor Dr Gerrie van Noord and RCA Tutor Dr Rosie Ram to discuss the role of publishing, editing and writing as part of an artistic practice.

with Kathrin Böhm, Gerrie van Noord and Rosie Ram

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This event brought together Dr Rob Phillips, Senior Tutor in Design Products at the RCA and Anna Meroni, Professor of Design at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, to discuss ways designers can navigate and trigger societal change for the common good and public interest.

with Dr Phillips & Anna Meroni

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This event brought together Professor Ashley Hall, RCA and Professor Venere Ferraro, POLI.design, both experts in healthcare and wellbeing, to discuss the role of digitalisation in the healthcare sector using the perspective of the design discipline.

with Ashley Hall & Venere Ferraro

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This event brought together three renowned figures from the visual arts to investigate the role of artificial intelligence in the production of creative visual work.

with Adrian Shaughnessy, Jessica Helfand and Michael Horsham

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This event brought together Adam Kingl in conversation with the RCA’s Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Rama Gheerawo, to discuss new tools and perspectives about creativity and leadership. The conversation was hosted by Ve Dewey who comes from both the creative and business side of work.

with Adam Kingl, Rama Gheerawo & Ve Dewey

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This event brought together Sir Geoff Mulgan in conversation with RCA’s Head of Service Design Clive Grinyer, to discuss sustainability, social innovation and policy and the role of creativity and design in building imaginative futures.

with Geoff Mulgan & Clive Grinyer

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This talk brings together Dr Jiayu Wu in conversation with Martin Uhlarik and Rikesh Shah to discuss pioneering innovations incorporating human centred design in automotive, new mobility and public transport systems at scale.

With Martin Uhlarik, Rikesh Shah & Dr Jiayu Wu

IN SESSION: What is Intelligent Mobility _Headshots

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The talk brings together Christian Bason, Danish Design Centre CEO in conversation with two academics who have pioneered social change through design research - Mariana Amatullo, Parsons School of Design and Jeremy Myerson, RCA to discuss about design and the future of social innovation.

With Christian Bason, Mariana Amatullo and Jeremy Myerson

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This discussion brings together Jeremy Millar and Ralph Rugoff, Director of the Hayward Gallery, about writing, curating and contemporary art, and the ways in which these practices address different publics. The event was chaired by Dr Rosie Ram.

With Jeremy Millar, Ralph Rugoff and Dr Rosie Ram

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This talk brings together Dr Ben Cranfield and Patrick Flores as they consider the potential for contemporary art and curating to offer new ways of engaging with archives. The event was chaired by Dr Rosie Ram.

With Dr Ben Cranfield, Patrick Flores & Dr Rosie Ram

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This talk brings together Lynda Gratton and Jeremy Myerson, they drew on their latest research about the future of work and shared ground-breaking ideas on how to ‘redesign work’ in the hybrid era.

With Lynda Gratton & Jeremy Myerson

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This talk brings together editor and curator Dr Gerrie van Noord, Gary Clough and Richard Nash where they discuss the importance of art direction, critical writing and content curation in the construction of a portfolio.

With Dr Gerrie van Noord, Gary Clough and Richard Nash

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This talk brings together Dr Rosie Ram (Visiting Lecturer in Curating Contemporary Art and Course Leader, Curating Contemporary Art and Design: Theory and Practice at the RCA) and Dr Zoé Whitley (Director of Chisenhale Gallery and graduate of MA V&A/RCA History of Design, 2003). The discussion will explore the ecologies of curating that sustain the production and presentation of contemporary art and design across local, national and international contexts.

with Dr Rosie Ram and Dr Zoé Whitley.

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This talk brings together Despina, Marily and Dimitra to discuss strategies of empowering contemporary artistic practice in uncertain times.

with Dr Despina Zacharopoulou, Marily Konstantinopoulou and Dimitra Nikolou

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This talk brings together Ninela and Oli to explore three themes that are central to a world-wide building back better: How can we create products, services and environments that are people-centred, stakeholder-inclusive and change life for the better? What is the role for design in enabling companies to identify and seize opportunities for innovation in an overstretched global economy? How do we ensure that solutions to the challenges of today have long-term sustainability and impact?

with Dr Ninela Ivanova and Oluchi Ikechi-D'Amico

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This talk brings together Nick, Emma, Inara and Judah to share with you what it takes to create and deliver an innovation strategy, build the capacity inside your organisation as well as how to unleash the creativity and innovations of your customers, business partners and supply chain alike.

with Nick de Leon, Emma Frost, Inara Khan & Judah Armani

Unleashing Innovation_ Headshots.png

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This talk brings together Gary Clough, Richard Nash and renowned graphic designer and publisher Tony Brook to discuss their individual practices and parallels between the progression portfolio and art & design publishing.

With Gary Clough, Richard Nash & Tony Brook

2021-07-06 Publishing the Self Headshots (1).png

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This discussion considers the ecological imperative driving change within design curriculum and pedagogy.

With Harriet Harriss & Delfina Fantini van Ditmar


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This talk explores enabling conditions for system change, ecological thinking and social infrastructure, the role of designers and how far can we go to fix a cultural disconnection between the man-made world and the biosphere? 

With John Thakara & Jeremy Myerson


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This conversation explores the implications of the global experiment in home-based work during Covid-19 and ideas relating to 'going to work', 'being at work' and 'leaving work' from the contrasting perspectives of Silicon Valley and the home.

With Frances Holliss & Claudia Dutson


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This talk focuses on the challenges that founders face balancing their impact goals with the harsh realities of building a successful business, from offender rehabilitation, access to sanitation through to climate change.

With Judah Armani & Nadia Danhash


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This discussion is about the emerging area of Creative Leadership, how the three values of Empathy, Clarity and Creativity can affect personal and professional practices.

With Christopher Patnoe & Rama Gheerawo


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This session explores the opportunities people can collaboratively develop for constructing economies, innovation and generally skills that account for the planet and its natural resources as social assets.

With Henk Ovink & Laura Ferrarello


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This conversation unpicks ‘Communities of Place’, a sociality cultivating a network of relationships that, after the crisis, could evolve into hybrid communities of place.

With Ezio Manzini & Rob Phillips


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This talk explores the role designers should play in building a better post-Covid world, how a design museum might bring the creative community together and whether the extravagant claims of liberal institutions to cultural leadership can be justified.

With Tim Marlow & Jeremy Myerson


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This conversation is about the importance of collaborative and inclusive Open Innovation (OI), its impact in London, the role of place in designing OI strategies and the importance of diversity and inclusion in OI.

With Laura Citron, Theo Blackwell & Nick de Leon


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This session shares strategies for change, stories of challenge, celebrates success and voice aspiration. How can design open its doors and windows to a variety of experiences and cultures… and ensure that they stay open.

With Dori Tunstall, Carole Bilson, Mark Rutledge & Rama Gheerawo


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