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Information Experience Design

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Dr Kevin Walker
Dr Kevin Walker

IED is about transforming information into experiences through the pathways of Sound Design, Moving Image Design, and Experimental Design. Encompassing data visualisation and narrative, installations and exhibitions, research and investigative design, IED has quickly gained a global reputation for innovative research and experimental practice. 


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  • Alberto Ruiz Soler

    Alberto Ruiz Soler

    I’m a composer and make music for contemporary dance. I did a Master’s at the Royal College of Art to challenge myself and expand the possibilities for what I do.

  • Jayoon Choi

    Jayoon Choi

    I studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts but, through an elective there, I found pleasure in experimenting with moving image, and was largely self-taught. I bought the cheapest equipment, set up a studio in my bedroom, experimented on my own and followed a lot of online tutorials.

  • Oliver Smith

    Oliver J Smith

    I did my BA in Graphic Design & New Media at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Epsom. I was there when the course was turning its attention to programming and electronics as part of design. In the three years between my BA and starting at the Royal College of Art, I taught at UCA and at London College of Communication, and worked as a web designer and developer, and also worked on some installation projects. 

  • Michaela French

    Michaela French

    Though I’ve been thinking about doing a PhD for a very long time, I’m coming to it quite late in life. I came across the Information Experience Design programme and it seemed to combine all the various different things that I do; all of the things that were part of my practice but which had always seemed to be quite divergent. It was like finding my idea of heaven.



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