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Nestor is a multimedia artist, educator, researcher and a digital designer. His work explores the intersections between technology and ecology, using worldbuilding and speculative design methods.

Nestor runs the Attunements Field Collective, which invites students to reflect on our human condition in relation to wider human systems and more-than-human entities.

Through critical analysis, worldbuilding and speculative design methods, students are encouraged to imagine possible future narratives when we have attained a more balanced relationship with other entities, one that acknowledges the human as an integral part of a lively material existence.


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Nestor's research delves into two areas. The first has a focus on cultural ecologies, particularly in relation to bats, their cultural associations and narrative portrayals in cinema and literature. The second deals with the exploration of historical archives in combination with AI technologies, to investigate possible human-machine collaborations in the production of stories, and explore inherent opportunities and ethical challenges.

Through his explorations, he engages in collaborations with scientists and technologists to promote knowledge exchange, critical thinking and lifelong learning. Projects are research based, focusing on the increasing necessity for critical engagement with contemporary and emerging issues related to ecology and technology. To facilitate this Nestor uses worldbuilding and speculative design methods and frameworks. Narratives are expressed through moving image, illustration and prop/object design, to create multimedia installations aiming at involving visitors actively and critically with the narrative and issue presented.

In parallel to teaching and research, Nestor is a practicing multimedia artist, working in the intersection between digital and physical materiality. His artistic practice incorporates digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing and CNC, combined with digital animation, film, sound, and interactive media. He is also a digital designer, specialising in UX/UI and digital animation, and has experience working as a design researcher, employing collaborative worldbuilding methods for future thinking. Organisations that he has worked with include Superflux, IKEA, King’s College London and Science Gallery London.

Grant, Culture and Tourism Division of the Municipality of Funchal (2021 - 2022)

Arts Council Response Fund (2020)

Grant, UAL: London College of Fashion (2018)

Finalist, YouFab Global Creative Awards, 2020

Work acquisition, Wellcome Collection, 2015

Distinction, Royal College of Art, 2015

The Bats Project: New Dark Aesthetics
2022 (ongoing)

Bats are keystone and indicator species. They regulate insect populations and offer valuable insights into ecosystem health. Despite their ecological benefits, bats are often socially stigmatised, partly due to their nocturnal habits and storytelling portrayals.

The Bats Project delves into the intricacies of the climate crisis, cultural ecologies and aesthetics. It aims to explore and disseminate a deeper understanding of bats, shifting current negative perceptions, contributing to the development of positive dark aesthetics and stories akin to their nocturnal habits.

Arquivista AI
2021 (ongoing)

This project delves into the overlaps between archives and the complex virtuous and vicious cycles of AI technologies, such as GPT. Such technological innovations allow us to immediately access vast amounts of information, and enable rapid explorations across diverse subjects, revolutionising the way we gather knowledge. However, the reliance on these technologies also raises ethical concerns, emphasising the need for responsible integration to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information obtained.

Arquivista AI is a research platform of sorts that creatively explores the relationships between gaps in historical knowledge and artificial intelligence. Through archival research, historical gaps are identified and filled in with possible histories, deliriums and glitches generated by artificial intelligence. This process allows for the exploration of new storytelling methods in collaboration with AI and creates opportunities to imagine how different our present lives could be by tweaking past events.


Pestana, N. (2021). Malleable Bodies - Life Beyond Utilitarianism. In: A. Clay, T. Senior, ed., On Media, on Technology, on Life. River Publishers., pp 139-150.

Pestana, N. (2015). Are we loosing our minds? Proceedings of UD15: Periphery and Promise 4th PhD In Design Forum, pp. 317-326.

Selected exhibitions

(2022) Arquivista AI. Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts (TTTIFA). Taiwan.

(2022) Arquivista AI: Anthology of Franciscos Francos (sculptor). Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum. Madeira Island, Portugal.

(2020/21) The Infumis: A Post-Apocalyptic Breakfast. Galeria dos Prazeres. Madeira Island, Portugal.

(2020) Repositorium. Porto Planetarium. Portugal.

(2019) The Museum of Lost and Found Potential. London, U.K.

(2019) Authentic Fictions: Speculative Futures for 2.5D Printing. DLab Tokyo Gallery. Japan.

(2018) Plumial Space. Arcade East, London College of Fashion.

(2018) Objects of Desire: The Infumis. Design Museum. London, U.K.

(2017) Sleeping Function. Zuiderzee Museum. Enkhuizen, Netherlands.

(2016) Project Doomsday: The Supervolacano & The Intelligent Machine. London.

(2016) Night school on Anarres - Imaginings of an Anarchist Utopia. Somerset House. London, U.K.

(2015/16) Here, There and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities. Asia Culture Centre Gwangju. Seoul.

(2015/16) Here, There and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities. Asia Culture Centre Gwangju. Seoul.

(2015) Bio-art Seoul: Abundance of Life. Gwacheon National Science Museum. Seoul.

(2014) 5D Science of Fiction. USC Cinematic Arts. Los Angeles, U.S.A.

(2014) Buy, buy, buy, put it down. London Design Festival.

(2014) School of Tomorrow. Venice Biennale, Swiss Pavilion. Italy

(2021–present) Natural History Museum

(2021–present) Orleans House Gallery

(2019–present) Advisor, InnovaSpace