Head of Programme Welcome

Dr Mel Jordan, Contemporary Art Practice

The Contemporary Art Practice Programme is delivered through four pathways: Critical Practice, Moving Image, Performance, and Public Sphere. The four pathways are led by artists that specialise in these areas of practice.

The Programme engages with contemporary modes of art production, discourse and display, working across — and beyond — well-established disciplines at the Royal College of Art. Through its pathway structure the Programme allows specialisation, enabling students to develop a particular approach to their own art practice. 

Our approach to Contemporary Art Practice is not determined by either technology or material, although students are expected to utilise the appropriate technical means to make their works. Contemporary Art Practice students have access to College-wide technical workshops according to academic need, as well as all facilities within the School of Arts & Humanities. 

The Programme offers: 

  • a discursive environment in which to discuss contemporary issues for thinking about, making, and displaying fine art 
  • individual tutorials, thematic seminars and cross-pathway crits, facilitated by leading practitioners and thinkers 
  • a flexible studio space that can be used collectively or individually 
  • access to a range of technical facilities including traditional and digital printmaking, photography, and wood and metal workshops 
  • opportunities for exhibitions, overseas travel and international exchanges (including Paris and Kyoto).