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Dr Pil Kollectiv


  • Pil Kollectiv
  • Area

    School of Arts & Humanities


    Tutor and Pathway Leader, Public Sphere

  • Dr Pil Kollectiv is an artist, writer and curator; he works collaboratively with Dr Galia Kollectiv. Together, they make work which explores the relationship between art and politics. They are also the directors of artist run project space xero, kline & coma. At the Royal College of Art, Pil is a Tutor and Pathway Leader for the Public Sphere pathway on the Contemporary Art Practice programme. 

  • Biography

  • As well as teaching at the Royal College of Art, Pil also holds a post as a Lecturer in Art at the University of Reading. Prior to his current role at the Royal College of Art, Pil was a senior lecturer at the CASS School of Art. He has also taught at Camberwell College of Art, Hertfordshire University and Goldsmiths College of Art. Pil completed his joint PhD with Galia Kollectiv at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2013. Together they have had solo shows at Pump House Gallery, London, Te Tuhi Center for the Arts, New Zealand, S1 Artspace, Sheffield and The Showroom Gallery, London. They have also presented live work at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the 5th Berlin Biennial and the 5th Montreal Biennial, as well as at Kunsthall Oslo, Arnolfini, Bristol and Late at Tate Britain. Their forthcoming solo exhibition in 2017 will be at the Naughton Gallery in Belfast.

  • Practice

  • Pil and Galia Kollectiv’s work is primarily based in film and performance, but spans collage, installation and printmaking. They often use music and choreographed movement to investigate the beliefs and rituals of a supposedly post-ideological society. Their band WE extends their interrogation of the construction of individuality and collectivity. Their curatorial work has investigated such themes as Radical Conservatism (Castlefield Gallery, Manchester) and the legacy of modernism (Modern Lovers, Three Colts Gallery). Their research interests include postfordist labour, irony and overidentification and the relationship between art and democracy.

  • External collaborations

  • Residencies \ Fellowships

    2011: Henry Moore Institute Fellowship

    2007: Take Over Residency, Pump House Gallery, London.

    2005: Cocheme Fellowship at the Byam Shaw School of Art

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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions

    2016 Progress Report from the Strategic Sanctuary for the Destruction of Free Will, Pump House Gallery, London.

    2013 Suck the Living Labour, Ort Birmingham

    2013 Terminal Equilibrium, Trade Gallery, Nottingham

    2010 Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Te Tuhi Art Centre, Manukau City, New Zealand 

    2008 Svetlana, S1 Artspace, Sheffield 

    2008 The Future So Far, Grey Area, Brighton 

    2007 The Future for Less, Gallery for One, Dublin 

    2007 Asparagus: A Horticultural Ballet, The Showroom, London 

    2002 Living in Magazines, Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv

    Selected Group Exhibitions

    2016  I Won't Do What You Tell Me, Kunst Vardo, Ram Gallery, Oslo.

    2016 Gettin’ the Heart Ready, The Royal Standard, Liverpool.

    2015 Symphony of Hunger, A plus A Gallery and The School for Curatorial Studies, Venice

    2015  Office Space: The Modern Workplace Disrupted, YBCA, San Francisco

    2015  Kontratω: For It Had Turned to Gold in His Hand, metamatic: taf, Athens. 

    2015  The Ritual Box, La Rambleta, Valencia

    2014 Mirrorcity, Hayward Gallery, London.

    2014 Suchroutinen (Search Routines: Tales of Databases), D21 Artspace Kunstraum Leipzig.

    2013 Giving Form to the Impatience of Liberty, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

    2013 (Im)Material Labour, Art Exchange, Colchester

    2012 There Was A Country Where They Were All Thieves, Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Amsterdam.

    2012 Glamourie, PSL, Leeds

    2011 Utopia Limited., Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford and Highlanes Municipal Art Gallery, Drogheda.

    2010 Hierarchies of Allegiance, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

    2010 Use & Mention: Part One, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London.

    2010 Testbed 1, Beaconsfield Gallery, London

    2009 Apocatopia, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. 

    2009 The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London.

    2009 Star Maker, E:vent Gallery, London.

    2009 Roll It to Me, Collective, Edinburgh.

    2009 Ventriloquist, Timothy Taylor, London.

    2008 Art and the New Town, Harlow Temple of Utopias, Harlow.

    2008 Futureblueperfect, Café Gallery, London.

    2007 Foreign Body(ies), White Box, New York

    2007 Emergency3, Aspex, Portsmouth.

    2006 Slider, Cell Project Space, London.

    2006 Metropolis Rise, Moganshan Art Village, Shanghai and DIAF 06, 798 Space, Beijing.

    2006 Little Private Governments, University of Essex Gallery, Colchester.

    2005 Will Have Done, Mill Workers Gallery, Manchester.

    2005 SVO5, Studio Voltaire, London.

    2005 Diamonds for Workers, Kate McGarry, London.

    2004 Grey Goo, Flaca Gallery, London.

    2004 Surrealestate, YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto.

    2003 Wonderyears, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien and NGBK galleries, Berlin. 

    2002 Critical Home Video, Artspace, Ontario

    Selected Performances

    2012 – 2016 Terminal: A Miracle Play with Popular Music from the End of the World at HKD, part of From Below as a Neighbour, curated by Electra for Mine, Yours, Ours - Practical Utopias, Drugo More, Rijeka, Rio Cinema, London, Experimentica 13, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff and The Nines, London with The Performance Studio.

    2014 I-O, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

    2013 A Guide to Office Clerical Time Standards, Le Meridien/Outset/Frieze, London and Agora, the 4th Athens Biennial, Athens.

    2011 Epic Sea Battle at Night, This is Not a Performance or a Lecture, RADAR Loughborough and Future Orientation part of Again, A Time Machine at The Showroom, London.

    2010 – 2011 WE, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo and The Royal Standard, part of the Liverpool Biennale and ICA, London.

             Critical Mass, Arnolfini, Bristol, part of Theatre to Address.

    2009 Performative Construction of a Future monument for the Dialectic Negation of a Post-Catastrophic Society at The Herzliya Biennial, Herzliya.

             Critical Mass, Tate Britain, London, part of Late at Tate.

    2008 Food: A Sci-Fi Banquet, Royal Academy of the Arts, London, part of Event Horizon at GSK Contemporary.

             Better Future, Quad-Shaped at Cubitt, London as part of Seven Times Two or Three.          

             The Sensible Stage, Cube Microplex, Bristol.  

             No Haus Like Bau at the HAU, Mes Nuits, Berlin Biennale, Berlin. 

    2007 Asparagus: A Horticultural Ballet at Conway Hall, London and Biennale de Monreal, SAT, Montreal.  

    Curatorial Projects

    2013 Radical Conservatism, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

    2012 File Transfer Protocol, Haifa Museum, Haifa.

    2011 – ongoing Artist-run project space, xero, kline & coma, London

    2008 The Institute of Psychoplasmics, Pump House Gallery, London.

    2006 Modern Lovers, Three Colts Gallery, London.

    2005 Turn to the Left, 291 Gallery, London

    2004 DaDaDa: Strategies against Marketecture, temporarycontemporary gallery, London.

    2002 Carbona, Plonit Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

    2002 Atari Teenage Riot, Hazira Performance.Art, Jerusalem.

    2000 Indiscotica, the Heinrich Böll foundation Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

    2000 Trash, Hazira Performance.Art, Jerusalem

    Selected Books /Publications

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2012) 'The Divided Stage: Splitting the Dialectics of Performance', in: Bridget Crone (ed), The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image, Bristol: Picture This

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2012) 'RETRO/NECRO: From Beyond the Grave of the Politics of Re-Enactment', in: Ian Farr (ed), Memory , Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2012) The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", in: Diana Newall and Grant Pooke (eds), Fifty Key Texts, London: Routledge

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2011) 'In Place of the Smashed State Machine', in: Alexei Monroe (ed), State of Emergence, Ploettner Verlag anad Poison Cabinet Press

    Atherton, Michelle, Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P., (2009) Transmission: Host - Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Artwords Press

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2009) 'The Future is Here', in: Richard Noble (ed), Utopias, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (eds) (2008)The Institute of Psychoplasmics, London: Pump House Gallery, 2008

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2002) 'Fear of a Black and White Planet;, in: Wonderyears, Berlin: NGBK

    Journal Contributions

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2011) 'In the Intersection of the Angles of a Table, There is More Truth Than in All the Tangle of Muscles: Futurism as Anti-Humanist Critique', History & Theory: The Protocols, 2011

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P., (2009) 'Object Orientations', Art Papers, Atlanta

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) 'Archiving the Future: Unpacking Benjamin's Collection', Coelacanth Journal, London: The Coelacanth Press

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) 'The Life of Objects', Basement Newspaper: Out of Place Day to Day, Amsterdam: De Kunstvlaai A.P.I.

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2007) 'Irony 2.0', Mute, London: Mute, 2007 

    Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P., (2006) 'Militant Ironies: Art as a Strategic Weapon in Israel's Culture Wars', Art Papers, Atlanta


    2014 'Art Will Continue to Exist Only by Inertia: On the Museum of American Art, Berlin', The Inclusive Museum, The Autry Museum, Los Angeles, CA

    2014 'Beyond Subculture: Normcore and the Dialectic of Coolness and Sameness', Taste After Bourdieu, Chelsea College of Art, London

    2012 'Irony and Overidentification', The Art and Politics of Irony at Université de Montréal.

    2011 'Object Oriented Ontology and Art Practice', The New Vitality: Art in Human-Nonhuman Ecologies / Human-Nonhuman Ecologies in Art, Spike Island, Bristol.

    2011 'Towards an Anti-Humanist Critique of Immaterial Labour, or How to Negotiate with Vampires', Audiovisual Posthumanism: Aesthetics, Cultural Theory and the Arts International Conference at The University Of The Aegean, Lesvos.

    2010 'Can Objects Perform?: Agency and Thingliness in Contemporary Sculpture and Installation', Sculpture and Performance, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds and Tate Liverpool

    2009 'Archiving the Future: Unpacking Benjamin's Collection', The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London.

    2009 'Untimely Meditations on Overidentification', Performance Fictions, Electric Cinema, Birmingham.

    2009 'The Shared Table in Contemporary Art', East Midlands Institute, Birmingham.

    2009 'ARTwork, CRITIQUEwork: some conjugations', Chelsea College of Art, London.

    2009 'Artists' Collectives', Edinburgh School of Art, Edinburgh.

    2008 The Political Currency of Irony, Transmission, The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

    2007 The Politics of Battlestar Galactica conference, Buckinghamshire University, Wycombe.

    2006 TEACHING/LEARNING/RESEARCHING conference, part of Academy, MuHKA, Antwerp

    2006 Art and Liberty, Tate Britain, London

    2006 Modern Lovers, discussion panel, Goldsmiths college, London

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  • Awards and Grants

  • 2014: Concrete Gown for Immaterial Flows, sculpture and performance installation commissioned by the Hayward Gallery, London

    2014: Arts Council England grant

    2014: I-O, performance commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

    2013: Arts Council England grant

    2012: Terminal: A Miracle Play with Songs from the End of the World, film, music and performance commissioned by Electra and Drugo More, Rijeka

    2011: Arts Council England grant

    2011: WE, performance commissioned by Kunsthall Oslo and ICA, London

    2009–10: Critical Mass, performance commissioned by Tate Britain and Arnolfini, Bristol

    2009: Performative Construction of a Future monument for the Dialectic Negation of a Post-Catastrophic Society, performance commissioned by the 2nd Herzliya Biennale.

    2008: No Haus Like Bau, performance commissioned by the 5th Berlin Biennial

    2008: Arts Council England grant

    2007: London Artists Film and Video Award.

    2007: Asparagus: A Horticultural Ballet, performance commissioned by the Showroom, London and the 5th Biennale de Montreal

    2003: Runners up at the Becks Student Film and Video Award

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