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Environmental Architecture

If the planet has a design problem, what do the terms ‘design’ or ‘architecture’ mean when they are applied to phenomena as varied as oceans or atmospheres, or to farmland and deserts?

The intensity of environmental change calls for new forms of knowledge production based in propositional thinking, especially design-based methods.

Environmental Architecture is a new 15-month, project-based MA programme exploring the future of landscapes, environments and ecosystems. It will focus on the co-dependence of life forms and earth systems as well as the co-existence of alternative concepts of landscapes, environments and ecosystems as they are expressed by different societies. 

The programme offers:

  • an intensive series of seminars, lectures, workshops and symposia that cultivate new and experimental approaches to the discipline
  • a field-focused programme of study
  • the opportunity to engage with live projects in sites of rapid and complex environmental change
  • help establishing a network of colleagues and mentors in the city of London
  • access to a rich culture of radical and experimental interdisciplinary work at the RCA, a world-leading art and design institution 

From September 2018, Environmental Architecture will be primarily based in White City, the RCA's newest London site.

Confronting Ecocide, Environmental Frontiers Lecture Series.
Confronting Ecocide, Environmental Frontiers Lecture Series., Nabil Ahmed 2017