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Godofredo Enes Pereira is an architect and researcher. He is the Head of Programme for the MA Environmental Architecture.

For the past decade, Godofredo Enes Pereira has been conducting research, publishing and exhibiting on environmental architecture and collective politics. His doctoral research titled ‘The Underground Frontier: Technoscience and Collective Politics’ investigated political and territorial conflicts within the planetary race for underground resources.

He was a member of Forensic Architecture where he led the Atacama Desert project, an investigation of environmental and human rights violations in the Atacama Desert. He is currently working on the publication of Ex-Humus; developing research on The Lithium Triangle, across Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, and is a Co-I on the project “Scales of Climate Justice” funded by the British Academy.

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Godofredo's research investigates architecture’s role in both historical and contemporary anti-capitalist struggles, with a focus on environmental and ecological disputes.

Godofredo's practice explores the field of environmental architecture through a multiplicity of means, from activist research, to exhibition design, editing, lecturing and writing.

2020 HNI New Institutions

2019 British Academy Tackling the UK's International Challenges

2017 RKE Research Development Fund, RCA

2014 Young Portuguese Architect’, Prémios Novos, Culturgest, Lisboa.

2014 Honourable Mention, Think Space Competition section ‘Environment’, with the project ‘The Great South American Pipeline: A Commons Protection Zone’ (Jury Keller Easterling), Zagreb.

2012 Book and Symposium Grant, Capital European of Culture.

2005 Residency Grant, Atelier Real, Lisbon.

2009 Doctoral Fellowship, first place, Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Portugal.

2004 Distinction, Best Final Thesis of 2004, Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto (FAUP).

2001–2002 Erasmus Grant, Politecnico di Milano and University of Porto.

CERFI: Militant Analysis, Collective Equipment and Institutional Programming.
Developed in collaboration with Dr. Susana Calo (Kings College), research focuses on the work of the interdisciplinary research centre CERFI (1969-1978), looking at the intersections of militant analysis and architecture, with a focus on the role of ‘collective equipment’ for catalysing alternative modes of living in the city. Planned outcome is the first ever monograph on CERFI.

The Scale of Justice: Energy Transition, Rights and Indigenous Title.
This project examines two interacting claims for ‘rights of future generations’, comparing the global scale rights expressed in carbon mitigation pathways with local scale rights expressed by indigenous peoples. P.I. Adrian Lahoud. Co-I. Godofredo Enes Pereira, Alonso Barros, Samantha Spurr, Eduardo Kairuz.

Architecture and Social Movements 2016–2018.

Architecture and Social Movements examined the practical, conceptual and disciplinary questions that social movements present to architecture and environmental design. This research has led to an exhibition and international seminar on architecture and social movements ‘Object-Project’ (Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2016), to a collaboration with the Municipality of Barcelona (2017), and to the event ‘Architecture and Transformative Politics’ co-organized with the Birkbeck School of Law (2017), and to the event Collective Equipment: Intersection, Solidarity and Transformative Politics, at Arts Catalyst (2018).


(2020) ‘The Ends of The World’. Lithium. Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

(2019) ‘Last Evenings on Earth’, Sharjah Architecture Triennial, UAE.

(2016) ‘Object / Project’, Lisbon Architecture Trienale, Presídio da Trafaria, Almada.

(2015) ‘Axiomatics’, Social Glitch, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna.

(2014) ‘Geoforensics of the Atacama Desert’, Forensic Architecture, HKW, Berlin.

(2013) ‘Copper Desert’, Goethe Institute, Dhaka.

(2011) ‘Terror do Objecto. Movimentos do material ao imaterial: artefactos, coisas, fetiches, monumentos, labirintos, relíquias, estátuas, ossos’ (The terror of the object. Movements from the material to the immaterial), Atelier Real, Lisbon.

(2011) ‘The New City Reader: A Newspaper of Public Space’ curated by Joseph Grima and Kazys Varnelis/Network Architecture Lab, New Museum, New York. (with the Centre for Research Architecture)

(2010) ‘Object-text’ for the exhibition Antena 4 – Embankment #7, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and Galeria Municipal Passos do Conselho, Torres Vedras. (with Susana Caló)

(2009) ‘Canterel's Living Room’, Faculdade de Arquitectura de Guimarães, University of Minho (EAUM).

(2009) ‘Writing Machine’, El Globo de Juan, Velha-a-branca, Braga.

Curatorial Projects

(2016) Curator of ‘Object-Project: The Constituent Dimension of Architecture’ exhibition and seminars at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial.

(2015) Convenor of ‘Nature and Nation’ seminar with Marco Armiero, Emilio Distretti and Adrian Lahoud, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

(2015) Convenor of ‘Autonomy-Automation’ seminar with Luciana Parisi, Matteo Pasquinelli, Peg Rawes, Sara Franceschelli and Claudia Pasquero, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

(2015) Convenor of ‘Cybernetic Ethos’ seminar with Andrew Pickering and Adam Jasper, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

(2014) Convenor of ‘Conflicting Territories’ seminar with Etienne Turpin, Jane Rendell and Nafeez Ahmed, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

(2012) Curator of ‘Objectology’, seminar, book and exhibition, Objects, Practices and Territories at European Capital of Culture, Guimarães. Participants included Eyal Weizman, Susan Schuppli, Jonathan Saldanha, Adrian Lahoud, Charles Heller, Gerald Nestler and Ayesha Hamed.

(2011) Co-Curator of ‘Terror of the Object’ exhibition at GHOST/Atelier Real, Lisbon, 2011.

Edited Books

Savage Objects, INCM, Lisboa, 2012. Edited book with contributions by Michael Taussig, Eyal Weizman, Graham Harman and Reza Negarestani, amongst others.

Book Chapters

‘Margens em Resistência’ Almada: um território em 6 ecologias, (ed.) Luis Santiago Batista, CMA, 2020.

‘Caring for the Dead’ in Rights of Future Generations (Eds.) Adrian Lahoud and Andrea Bagnato. Hatje Cantz , 2019.

‘Objecto-Projecto’, in The Form of Form, Edited by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes, Lars Muller Publishers, 2017.

‘Geoforensics: Underground Conflicts in the Atacama Desert’ in Forensis, the Architecture of Public Truth, Berlin: Sternberg Press, March 2014.

‘Underground: Venezuela’s Territorial Fetishism’, in Savage Objects, ed. Godofredo Pereira, Lisbon: INCM, 2012.

‘Vandalism Not Art’, in (Dis)Locations: Exile, Topology, Relocation, University of Porto, Faculty of Arts, Gabinete Editorial, 2011.


‘How Technocrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Quarantine’ KIM. karlsruhe, April, 2020.

‘Ex-Humus: Collective Politics From Below’ Dispatches journal. Issue 01, 2019.

‘Towards an Environmental Architecture’, e-flux Architecture Positions, 2018.

‘Collective Equipment’ Lugar Comum, vol. 52, Estudos de Mídia, Cultura e Democracia, 2018 (with Susana Caló).

‘From the Hospital to the City’, in London Journal of Critical Thought (LJCT), Volume 2, May 2017 (with Susana Caló).

‘Anomalous Alliances: Nature and Politics in the Yasuní Proposal’, in Axiomatic Earth – Anthropocene Curriculum & Campus, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2017.

‘The Semio-Pragmatics of Architecture’, in Architectural Theory Review, Vol. 21, Issue 1, 2017 (with Susana Caló).

‘Architectural Devices’, Architecture Conversations. e-flux architecture, January 2017.

'The Project of a Collective Line’, Volume 47, April 2016.

‘The Underground Frontier’, Continent.cc, Issue 4.4/2015: 4.

‘Feitiço, Arquitectura e Território’, Revista Lugar Comum 43, Brazil, March 2014.

‘Expert Report on Contamination of Salar Talabre’, submitted to SEA Chile, environmental approval, September 2013 (with Alonso Barros).

‘Territorial Evidence’, London: Forensic Architecture Press, 2013.

‘Objectos, Práticas, Territórios’, ArqA: Arquitectura e Arte 104, November–December 2012.

‘Spaces of Negotiation’, Oris: casopis za arhitekturu i kulturu = magazine for architecture and culture, Zagreb: Arhitekst, 75, 2012.

‘Dead Commodities’, Cabinet 43, August 2011.

‘Profanation and Vandalism’, Revista Punkto 1, October 2010.

‘The Sacred Body of the State’, OpenDemocracy, September 2010.

‘Universal Catastrophe — Roundtable On Terrorism’ with Eyal Weizman, Godofredo Pereira, Paulo Tavares, Tina Di Carlo and Yazan Khalili, Revista Detritos 4, 2010.

‘Uma certa dose de delírio’ (A certain amount of delirium), Projecta Futuro, January 2010.

‘A Magnificência do Falhanço, Do Delírio à Morte’ (Magnificence of Failure, from Delirium to Death), Revista Detritos. Revista de Arte e Ensaio 3, July 2009.

‘Da Sustentabilidade à Ecologia Radical’ (From sustainability to radical ecology), in Revista Detritos. Revista de Arte e Ensaio 2, November 2008.

‘Arquitectura das Máquinas de Guerra’ (Architecture of War Machines), Revista Detritos. Revista de Arte e Ensaio 1, Porto, May 2008.

‘A Patafisica do Absurdo’ (‘Pataphysics of the Absurd), Revista Detritos. Revista de Arte e Ensaio 1, May 2008.

‘Delírios de Poder’ (Deliriums of Power), in Colecção Opúsculos, Porto: Dafne Editora, 2007.

Catalogue Essays/ Art Publications

‘Traces of the Image’ in BES Photo Catalogue, Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon, 2011. (with Susana Caló)

‘Archive of the Invented Real. On the functioning of the editorial machine’, in Antena 04, Serralves Foundation, 2010. (with Susana Caló)

Reprint-Real Time, Paulo Mendes exhibition, Porto, Galeria Nuno Centeno, 2010.

Photography. Modes of Use, ed. Delfim Sardo, Documenta, Lisbon, 2015.

Selected Presentations

  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at ICA Miami, August 2020.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at TU Sydney, March 2020.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University, January 2020.
  • ‘Institutional Analysis and Molecular Revolutions’, at CHS Sick. RCA, 2019.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at Sharjah architecture Triennial, November 2019.
  • ‘Environmental Signs’, at EPFL, 2019.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at ICA London, 2019.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, at Arts Catalyst, 2019.
  • ‘Architecture and Fiction’, at EPFL, 2019.
  • ‘Ex-Humus’, Brighton University, 2019.
  • ‘Collective Equipment’, Princeton University, 2019.
  • ‘Molecular Violence’, Arts Catalyst, 2018.
  • ‘Ecologies of Existence’, at Hybrid Ecologies, Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Munich, February 2017.
  • ‘Object / Project’, at Contagion – Lisbon Architecture Trienalle, Lisbon, November 2016.
  • 'Ecologies of Existence', Ecologies and Practices of the Common, Tenderpixel Gallery, London, May 21, 2016.
  • 'A Fronteira Subterrânea' (Underground Frontier), Escola Superior Artística do Porto, April 2016.
  • 'Territorial Evidence', Axiomatic Earth Seminar, Anthropocene Curriculum & Campus, House of World Cultures (HKW), Berlin, April 2016.
  • (with Susana Caló) ‘Architectural Enunciation’, This Thing Called Theory, Leeds Beckett University, November 2015.
  • ‘Radical Ecologies’, What is at Play in Environmental Design?, Westminster University London, November 2015.
  • ‘Jarry, an unknown precursor to Guattari’, AlienTalk, The BarberShop Summer School, Lisbon, August 2015.
  • ‘Surface Symptoms’, Visuality, Materiality and Mining Symposium, School of Humanities, University of Brighton, June 2015.
  • ‘Underground Frontier’, Nature and Nation, The Bartlett School of Architecture University College London, May 2015.
  • ‘Underground Frontier’, Conflict Territories, Red Tape 4b, Royal College Arts, April 2015.
  • ‘Territorial Calculations’, MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths, University of London, March 2015.
  • ‘Material Classification’, Geo-politics, Anthropocene Curriculum, Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, November 2014.
  • ‘Zones of Plunder’ (Skype presentation), Unrest, Casiguran, Philippines, June 2014.
  • ‘Atacama Desert Project’, Forensis, Showroom, London, May 2014.
  • ‘Inverted Pyramid’, Dialogue 2, March UD, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, May 2014.
  • ‘Territorial Calculations’, MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths, University of London, March 2014.
  • ‘Forensics in the Anthropocene’, Forensis Exhibition, HKW, Berlin, March 2014.
  • ‘Radical Ecology’, Preston School of Architecture, UCLan, December 2013.
  • ‘Underground Fetishism’, Preston School of Architecture, UCLan, November 2013.
  • ‘Fetishism and Territory’ (keynote speaker), Objects in Crisis conference, Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon, October 2013.
  • ‘The Most Deadly Symptom’, Earthly Poison, The Cockpit Theatre, London, 2013.
  • ‘Territorial Constitutionalism’, Devil’s Advocate seminar, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London, March 2013.
  • ‘Territorial Evidence’, MA Research Architecture Seminar, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London, February 2013.
  • ‘Militarization of Nature’, 5th Geneva Convention seminar, LSE/Goldsmiths, University of London, January 2013.
  • ‘Ecology and Geo-Architecture’, Social and Political Movements and Spatial Production in Ibero-America seminar, European Capital of Culture, June 2012.
  • ‘Venezuela’s Territorial Fetishism’, Objects, Practices and Territories, Guimarães, May 2012.
  • ‘Terrorismos. Motins. A destruição no espaço público’ (Terrorism. Riots. Destruction in the public space), talk at Gesto, Porto, November 2011.
  • ‘Re-writing Post-modernism’, talk at FAUC, Coimbra, November 2011.
  • ‘Magnificent Failure’, talk at Torneio Escada, Picote, August, 2011.
  • ‘War Machine: the principles behind Detritos’, lecture at Atelier Real, Lisbon, June 2011.
  • ‘Archive and Memory’, lecture at the Museology Master’s Programme, FLUP, May 2011.
  • ‘Urban Destruction’, roundtable with Pedro Bandeira and Àlvaro Domingues, for the launch of Revista Punkto 2, May 2011.
  • ‘Bones and Remains’, Forensic Aesthetics, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, February 2011.
  • ‘Terror/terrorism’, introduction to the event Terror/terrorism, Porto, May 2010.

Godofredo Enes Pereira has been part of the Summer Intensive 2020-2021 Visiting Faculty at ICA Miami, a programme addressing ways in which urgent climate issues and anthropogenic effects apply pressure to contemporary cultural production and exploring new modalities for arts and environmental research.

He integrates the jury for the Call for Fellows Programme 2020 ‘Regeneration: New Institutional Practices’ by the Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, aiming to support collective practices experimenting and setting-up anti-racist, feminist, decolonial modes of institutional practice and generate new methodologies.

He was a convenor at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt’s Anthropocene curriculum & campus (Berlin) 2014-16, a pedagogical and research project that brings together experts from natural sciences, humanities and the arts to discuss the consequences of climate change to planetary architecture.

Godofredo is the editor of Savage Objects (INCM, 2012) and was the curator of Objectology for the European Capital of Culture, 2012 and Object / Project for the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, 2016.