Dr Godofredo Pereira


  • Architect and researcher Dr Godofredo Pereira is a Visiting Tutor in the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art. 

  • Biography

  • Godofredo studied architecture at the University of Porto (FAUP), obtained an M.Arch from The Bartlett School of Architecture and a PhD from the Centre for Research Architecture (CRA), Goldsmiths University London. His doctoral research was entitled ‘The Underground Frontier: Technoscience and Collective Politics’ and investigated political and territorial conflicts within the planetary race for underground resources.

    Since 2010, Godofredo has taught on the M.Arch Urban Design and GAD programmes at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where he was the leader of the Axiomatic Earth design studio and is currently History and Theory coordinator.  

    After graduating as an architect Godofredo worked for the renowned practices of Zvi Hecker in Berlin and Ian Ritchie Architects in London. Between 2007 and 2011, he was editor of Revista Detritos, a Portuguese journal of critical theory. In 2012, he edited the book Savage Objects (INCM) with contributions from Eyal Weizman, Reza Negarestani, Michael Taussig and Graham Harman, amongst others. More recently, his essays have been published internationally, including publications such as Open Democracy (UK), Continent (AU), ORIS (HR), Lugar Comum (BR), Cabinet (US), or ArqA (PT).

    Godofredo lectures and exhibits internationally, most recently at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, as part of the Technosphere / Anthropocene Project, at the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna, and at Brighton University (2015).

    He is a research member of Forensic Architecture where he leads the Atacama Desert Project, a geo-forensic analysis of environmental violence in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  

    Forthcoming in 2016, he will be curating the Object/Project exhibition for the 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennial. 

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  • External collaborations

  • Godofredo is a research member of Forensic Architecture, a project funded by the European Research Council, at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the principal researcher of the Atacama Desert Project: a geo-forensic investigation of environmental and territorial transformations in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Working together with local lawyers and activists he has produced films and cartographies, as well as technical and theoretical research in support of local indigenous communities. This work has been exhibited at the Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon (2013); in Dhaka at the Goethe Institute (2013); and in the HKW in Berlin, as part of the Forensis exhibition (2014).

    Godofredo is a collaborator on the Anthropocene project at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), in Berlin. He was an instructor of the Geopolitics seminar, at the Anthropocene Curriculum & Campus in 2015, and in 2016 will be an instructor of the Axiomatic Earth seminar at the Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue.

    He is also part of the research team for the Unrest Project focusing on the expansion of special economic zones across the world, and in particular on Casiguran in the Philippines. 

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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Selected Books, Journals and Articles

    Pereira, G. (2012) Savage Objects, ed. Lisbon: INCM (Edited book). 

    Pereira, G. ‘Underground Frontier’, in L. Junka-Aikio, C. Cortes-Severino (Eds.), Cultural Studies of Extraction, Cultural Studies (Forthcoming journal article).

    Pereira, G. ‘Ecologies of Plunder: The Expansion of Neoliberal Urbanization’, in Radha D’Souza and Paloma Pollo (Eds.), Unrest, Pluto Press (Forthcoming book chapter)  

    Pereira, G. (2015) ‘The Underground Frontier’, in: Continent Issue 4.4. (Online article)

    Pereira, G. (2014) ‘Geoforensics: Underground Conflicts in the Atacama Desert’, in: A. Franke, A and E. Weizman (eds.), Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth, Germany: Sternberg Press (Book chapter) 

    Pereira, G. (2014) ‘Feitiço, Arquitectura e Território’, in: Revista Lugar Comum 43, Brazil (Journal article)

    Pereira, G. (2012) ‘Underground: Venezuela’s Territorial Fetishism’, in G. Pereira (ed.), Savage Objects, Lisbon: INCM (Book chapter) 

    Pereira, G. & Barros, A. (2013) ‘Expert Report on Contamination of Salar Talabre’, submitted to SEA Chile, environmental approval, September (Co-authored report)

    Pereira, G. (2013) ‘Territorial Evidence’, in: Forensic Architecture Press (Online article)

    Pereira, G. (2012) ‘Spaces of Negotiation’, in: Oris: casopis za arhitekturu i kulturu = magazine for architecture and culture, Zagreb: Arhitekst, 75 (Journal article)

    Pereira, G. (2011) ‘Dead Commodities’, in: Cabinet 43 (Journal article)

    Pereira, G. (2010) ‘The Sacred Body of the State’, in: OpenDemocracy, (online article) 

    Selected Exhibitions

    Object-Project. The Constituent Dimension of Architecture (Forthcoming Lisbon Architecture Triennial, 2016) 

    Social Glitch: Radical Aesthetics and the Consequences of Extreme Events, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich Vienna, 2015

    Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, Germany 2014

    Copper Desert, Goethe Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2013

    The terror of the object. Movements from the material to the immaterial, Atelier Real, Lisbon, Portugal 2011

    The New City Reader: A Newspaper of Public Space, New Museum, New York, 2011

    Invited Keynote Lectures and Presentations

    12th AHRA International Conference, ‘This Thing Called Theory’, Leeds University, 2015 

    ‘AlienTalk’, The BarberShop Summer School, Lisbon, 2015

    ‘Visuality, Materiality and Mining Symposium’, School of Humanities, University of Brighton, 2015

    ‘Nature and Nation’, The Bartlett School of Architecture University College London, 2015

    ‘Conflict Territories’, Red Tape 4b, Royal College Arts, 2015

    ‘Territorial Calculations’, MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2015

    ‘Geo-politics’, Anthropocene Curriculum, Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2014

    ‘Unrest’, Casiguran, Philippines, 2014

    ‘Forensis’, Showroom, London, 2014

    ‘Inverted Pyramid’, Dialogue 2, March UD, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, 2014

    ‘Territorial Calculations’, MA Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2014

    ‘Forensis’, HKW, Berlin, 2014

    ‘Radical Ecology’, Preston School of Architecture, UCLan, 2013

    ‘Underground Fetishism’, Preston School of Architecture, UCLan, 2013

    ‘Objects in Crisis’, Berardo Collection Museum, Lisbon, 2013

    ‘Earthly Poison’, The Cockpit Theatre, London, 2013. 

    ‘Devil’s Advocate’ seminar, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London, 2013

    ‘5th Geneva Convention’, LSE/Goldsmiths, University of London, 2013

    ‘Social and Political Movements and Spatial Production in Ibero-America’, Guimarães - European Capital of Culture 2012 

    ‘Objects, Practices and Territories’, Guimarães - European Capital of Culture 2012 

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  • Awards and Grants

  • First Prize in Architecture Section of Premios Novos, ‘Best Young Portuguese Architect’, Culturgest, Lisboa, 2014.

    Honourable Mention in Think Space Competition section ‘Environment’, with the project ‘The Great South American Pipeline: A Commons Protection Zone’, Jury Keller Easterling, Zagreb, 2014.

    Book and Symposium Grant, European Capital of Culture, 2012.

    Doctoral Fellowship, first place, Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Portugal, 2009.

Selected work


Research interests

Godofredo’s current research is focused on three main lines of enquiry. 


Current and recent research

The Underground Frontier deals with spatial and territorial conflicts within the planetary race for underground resources, with a particular focus on geo-architecture and the political projects associated with resource extraction in Latin America. It is the subject of a working book proposal and a series of published papers and lectures. Most recently a new segment of this research, focusing on Venezuela’s petropolitics, was exhibited in the Kunstram Niederoesterreich, in Vienna, at the exhibition Social Glitch (2015).

Collective Objects addresses the role of architecture in the formation of collective identities, with a focus on semiotic, anthropological and psychoanalytical theories of part- and partial objects. At present, Godofredo is curating the exhibition Object/Project, for the forthcoming 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennial, exploring the relationship between architecture, fetishism and processes of collective identification. Within this research, he also curated Objectology, a project consisting of the exhibition Objects, Practices and Territories and the book Savage Objects, for the European Capital of Culture, Guimarães, in 2012. Prior to this, in 2011, he curated the exhibition Terror of The Object at the Ghost program, Atelier Real, Lisbon.

The Axiomatic Earth was the subject of the studio unit Godofredo taught with Samaneh Moafi at the M.Arch UD, Bartlett School of Architecture, and of their joint GSAP proposal for the ‘Think Space’ design competition, Zagreb, 2014. Currently he is exploring this concept to structure a pedagogical project for the Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue at the HKW in Berlin, 2016.