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InC2 is an enterprise SaaS platform built on the blockchain that helps companies track, analyse and reduce their supply chain emissions.

At a glance

  • As companies race to reach their net zero targets and meet regulatory requirements, they find it hard to track and reduce emissions in their largest source - supply chains.
  • inC2 enables tracking of supplier emissions through its innovative blockchain network that provides robust security and privacy to both customers and suppliers.
  • Instead of spending on external offset programs, companies can directly invest in sustainability efforts of suppliers with inC2’s carbon pricing mechanism and evidence based funding plan.
  • inC2 provides traceable & dynamic ratings for supplier environmental practices, helping procurement teams source sustainably with reliable and auditable certificates.

Key details


More information

Supply chain emissions (termed as Scope 3) account for greater than 80% of a company's overall emissions. Companies that are not actively tracking & reducing scope 3 emissions face regulatory fines, higher bank interest rate, low investor confidence and increased costs in supply chain risks.

Companies find it hard to engage with suppliers in the long tail since supply chains are complex and supplier count could range from anywhere between 1,500 to 75,000 suppliers.

There is a lack of knowledge on sustainability with less than 15% of Tier 1 Suppliers equipped to report footprint, furthermore suppliers are afraid that reporting will reveal sensitive business data that will make them less competitive in the market.

There is a lack of incentive and upfront capital for suppliers to undertake sustainability efforts while procurement teams find it hard to verify and track efforts of suppliers in the network.

inC2 is a supplier engagement platform that enables reporting, tracking & reduction of supply chain emissions. Built on the blockchain, inC2 provides enterprise grade privacy and encryption to customers & suppliers on the network.

Confidential reporting network

Allows suppliers to pass on essential carbon footprint information to multiple customers whilst keeping business details hidden from the network.

Sustainability ratings & dynamic certificates

Rates supplier sustainability efforts and provides dynamic certifications that are linked to real-time supply chain data which procurement officers can easily verify on our portal.

Reduction planning modules & vendors

Offers industry specific reduction planning modules to guide the supplier in taking action along with connecting them to verified vendors that can help them undertake sustainability projects.

Supplier financing with insetting

Provides debt financing options for decarbonisation projects and allows customers to directly invest in supplier sustainability efforts with an internal carbon price and evidence based funding plan.

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