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Dr Rathna Ramanathan
Dr Rathna Ramanathan

Visual Communication as a discipline is undergoing a major shift in both its vocational positioning and intellectual relevance. At the Royal College of Art, the programme has a long history that has radically examined the place of visual communication in relation to culture and society, while championing the importance of an interdisciplinary approach. The programme offers three pathways of study: Experimental Communication, Graphic Design and Illustration.


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  • Sebastian Koseda

    Sebastian Koseda

    Before coming to the Royal College of Art, I had worked professionally in a variety of studios and very much enjoyed it. However, as with lots of junior design jobs, the added value was production rather than conceptual input. Like alchemy, you reconfigure base materials to produce gold.

  • Minna Sakaria Portrait

    Minna Sakaria

    I’ve been working intensely since graduation, trying to get things rolling; I think I only had one week off! I’m setting up a studio with a fellow Royal College of Art alumna Carolina Dahl, laying the foundations, making a website, contacting clients and upscaling from freelancing to a full-time practice.    

  • Oona Brown

    Oona Brown

    I went to Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and did a BA in Visual Communication. On that course you specialise in graphics, illustration or photography. I initially chose photography, switched to graphics and then settled in illustration, so I kind of bridged all three subjects in the end. You’re going into these unknown specialisms, so you have to go with your gut feeling.

  • Nanette Hoogslag

    Nanette Hoogslag

    I started with a five-year Graphic Design undergraduate degree at the Rietveld Academie in Holland, where I’m from. I enjoyed it very much but the highest accolade would have been making an exhibition of somebody else’s work and I thought, I want to be the one making the pictures. Also, I never properly got to grips with typography, and these were the days before computers, so I thought I’d never be a good graphic designer.

  • Catrin Morgan

    Catrin Morgan

    I went to Leeds Metropolitan to do Fine Art in 2001 and had my own baking business for a while. I worked as an artist but never really found it satisfying – my work was too illustrative and I was more concerned with narrative



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