MA Programme Description

Digital Direction

The first two terms (120 credits) are delivered through cross-school electives (20 credits), in parallel with Programme-specific workshops and projects (100 credits). In addition, students will enrol on the College-wide delivery of Critical & Historical Studies (20 credits). The third term (40 credits) will continue Programme-specific work alongside College-wide elective (20 credits).

The Independent Research Project has the potential to foster partnerships with creative economy businesses and cultural organisations. The fourth term will focus on the final Independent Research Project (60 credits). The final degree show takes place at the end of unit 4.

MA Digital Direction is structured as follows:

Term One

Unit 1: Programme – Media Architectures (40 credits)

Unit 2: School-wide Electives (20 credits) CHS: College-wide Core (CHS) (20 credits)

Term Two

Unit 3: Programme – Assembly and Amplification (40 credits)

Unit 2: School Electives (20 credits)

Term Three

Unit 4: Programme – Immersive Adventures (40 credits)

Unit 5: College-wide Elective (CHS) (20 credits) Term Four

Unit 6: Programme – Independent Research Project (60 credits)


240 credits
15-month programme
Full-time with part-time option for Home students

To express interest in applying, email