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Creative Reuse in Architecture and Interior Design, Graeme Brooker

An overview of the opportunities and strategies for creative reuse, live online from the School of Architecture.

Key details


  • Early bird: £750
  • ends 3 June 2022
  • Regular fee: £820
  • from 4 June 2022


  • Live Online

    Four sessions

    10am – 1.30pm BST per session

    Monday 4 July – Thursday 7 July 2022

    Pre-register here

    Bookings open in May 2022

This short course will explore key themes of creative reuse including: rubbish theory, discard studies, degrowth, heritage, repair and maintenance, ruins, experimental preservation, circular economy.

The course will provide:

  • An overview of the parameters and opportunities of creative reuse
  • Greater knowledge of the theories and applications for how we might better turn to existing resources as a source of creative inspiration rather than constraint in the built environment
  • An understanding of the material, programmatic, economic and social implications of implementation
  • Confidence to employ these innovative practices in your own work
  • Certificate of achievement on completion

You will experience the College’s unique studio-based learning philosophy with critical, creative and insightful thinking, connect with global participants and share knowledge and experiences.

We will explore reuse from historic, economic and environmental perspectives, complemented by a range of case studies from leading practitioners to provide creative inspiration and insight into global best practice.

In a time of climate breakdown, making the most of the resources available to us in inventive ways is an imperative strategy for the future of city design and urbanism, architectural and interior design. New-build and single-use approaches are obsolete strategies for making cities, buildings interiors and objects.

The course is convened by Professor Graeme Brooker, Head of the Interior Design MA, and Dr Ruth Lang, authors of new books about creative reuse: 50/50: Words for Reuse – A Manifesto (2021) and Building for Change The Architecture of Creative Reuse (2022).

Pre-register for the course here, bookings will open in May 2022.

About the course

Benefits to you and your organisation include:

  • A greater applied knowledge of the theories and applications in how we might better turn to existing resources as a source of creative inspiration rather than constraint in the built environment.
  • Insight into global best practice
  • Experience in critical, creative and insightful thinking
  • Connect with global participants, share knowledge and experiences
  • Certificate of achievement on completion.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of adopting creative reuse within spatial design projects
  • Key considerations to discuss with clients to aid the integration of these strategies from the outset
  • How creative reuse has been implemented at different scales within interior and architectural design schemes in a global context through case studies
  • The material and immaterial impact upon schemes employing such strategies, to be celebrated or overcome

  • Seminars will introduce key concepts and contexts of the strategies of creative reuse.
  • Workshop sessions will enable you to collaboratively apply and explore these further through your own work.
  • Lectures from leading practitioners will demonstrate best practice examples of these initiatives in use.

Day 1

  • Welcome and introduction from course leaders
  • Keynote talk
  • Ice-breaker and workshop exercises in groups

Day 2

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Guest speaker talk and Q&A
  • Workshop activity

Day 3

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Guest speaker talk and Q&A
  • Workshop activity

Day 4

  • Presentation and discussion
  • Guest speaker talk and Q&A
  • Workshop activity

The course is convened by Professor Graeme Brooker, Head of the Interior Design MA, and Dr Ruth Lang, alongside staff from the School of Architecture across the MA Architecture, MA Interior Design and PhD programmes.

50/50: Words for Reuse – A Manifesto

Published in 2021 by Canalside Press, Graeme Brooker’s book 50/50 Words for Reuse – A Manifesto is a lexicon of terms to describe ‘the transformation of the existing into something new’. Graeme is a designer is Professor and Head of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art in London and his writing and teaching have been concerned with reuse and transformation in architecture for many years.

Building for Change The Architecture of Creative Reuse

Published in 2022 by Gestalten, Dr Ruth Lang's book explores this architecture of reuse and adaptation. Architects are adapting existing buildings to create new spaces for a more conscious future. The urban fabric changes more slowly than our spatial needs, accelerated by digital technologies and new lifestyles. The trick for canny architects lies in an ingenious reuse and creative recycling that result in the stunning transformation of existing buildings for new purposes.

Guest speakers for 2022 to be confirmed.

50/50: Words for Reuse - A Manifesto

The course is organised in synchronous sessions in a live virtual environment that combines various digital platforms and tools.


Using the videoconferencing service Zoom, RCA tutors and invited experts deliver a mix of:

  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Collaborative group work and group discussion
  • In-depth feedback through ‘crits’
  • Project development and presentations
  • Participants interact with the faculty and peers in breakout rooms in real time


Participants engage in cross-functional team work with the use of visual collaboration tools.

Through the online whiteboard platform Miro, participants get to:

  • interact with various formats and templates
  • plan and brainstorm ideas
  • create processes and workshop activities in the digital workspace.


The College's learning platform Moodle is personalised according to the course's requirements to provide participants with a secure integrated system where they can access the course content.

The hub hosts a plethora of useful resources to enable the learning experience, including comprehensive timetables, pre-reading materials, course slides, curated videos, tutorials and session recordings.


Participants stay connected and communicate via the channel-based messaging platform Slack throughout the whole duration of the course.

In this space, the academics, facilitators and delegates get to network, plan the course activities, share documents and files during the live sessions or offline.

Participants will:

  • Interrogate and articulate the intentions of their work or practice in relation to the critical and conceptual contexts of reuse
  • Evaluate and critique the principles and methods of research in the field of reuse and apply these principles to your creative professional and creative practice
  • Examine the topic, with lectures and presentations debated by the group, RCA academics and guest lecturers
  • Develop industry skills within a supportive and creative learning environment
  • Network with RCA academics, guest lecturers and peers

  • Interior designers, architects and other spatial designers
  • Architectural and interior design students
  • Clients and representatives of commissioning bodies
  • Planning professionals

Participants must:

  • be 21 years or over
  • have knowledge and an interest in interior design, architecture and other spatial design


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