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Professor Jeremy Myerson leading Design Thinking Masterclass
Next course starts 3 November 2022

Learn how to apply creative thinking and strategic design thinking principles to the future of work and workplace, enabling you to address hybrid and flexible working with new tools and frameworks, delivered live online.

Key details


  • £900


  • Live Online

    Four sessions over two weeks

    2pm – 5.30pm GMT

    Session 1: 3 November 2022

    Session 2: 4 November 2022

    Session 3: 7 November 2022

    Session 4: 8 November 2022

    WORKTECH Academy Members discounted fee available, contact: [email protected]

Led by Jeremy Myerson, RCA Professor Emeritus in design and WORKTECH Academy’s co-founder and director, this executive masterclass will equip you with the tools and frameworks to navigate change right across all aspects of the workplace – from rethinking the purpose of the office to meeting sustainable goals and supporting the mental health of remote workers.

The world of work and workplace is undergoing its most significant transformation for decades in the aftermath of the global pandemic - people, place and technology are all facing change.

This interactive live online masterclass will demonstrate how to use creative thinking and design thinking principles to create new strategies and ideas in the emerging era of hybrid working. At a time when every organisation and every worker is grappling with the implications of the new world of work, this short course will give you a comprehensive methodology to ask the right questions and shape the right solutions.

This unique short course will combine the Royal College of Art’s in-depth knowledge of design thinking with the cutting-edge expertise of WORKTECH Academy, the world’s leading knowledge platform and membership club exploring the future of work. Industry experts will join the masterclass to guide projects and share current practice and case studies.

Our approach to creative thinking and strategic design thinking principles

The Royal College of Art is expert in advancing people-centred creativity and innovation in a rapid design process to meet social and economic goals. In the context of new ways of working, this approach has the potential to be highly successful in reframing problems around the real needs of people - not technology for its own sake. The process is not scientifically neutral – it involves showing empathy and engagement with the lived experience of employees. It also means resolving the contradictions between the real world of barriers and constraints and the abstract world of imagination and creative ideas. This masterclass will provide the tools and frameworks to bridge this divide.

About the course

Benefits to you and your organisation include:

  • Access global best practice and research in design thinking and the future of work
  • Understanding of creative thinking and strategic design thinking principles as applied to emerging challenges around the future of work and workplace
  • A new model to reframe future-of-work projects through a design-led, human-centric lens
  • Empathic understanding of workers both office-based and hybrid/remote
  • Return to your organisation with new techniques and strategies to put into practice
  • Experience critical, creative and insightful thinking
  • Practice ideation and visualisation skills to realise solutions
  • Interact and experience working collaboratively with an international network with peers
  • Certificate of online attendance

You will learn:

  • An overview of the state of current transformation in work and workplace
  • An introduction to creative thinking and strategic design thinking principles – theoretical principles and practical building blocks – and how it can be applied to the new hybrid workplace
  • Workplace and organisational applications of creative strategy-making and its outcomes
  • Strategies for improving decision making by reframing work and workplace challenges in a people-centred way
  • Ways to work effectively in teams
  • Global best practice in how design thinking can help shape work and workplace

Learning will take place over four live online sessions, each three-and-a-half hours in duration where participants are taught as a group and work in smaller teams.

Each team will have a dedicated facilitator and online tools will support a series of fast-paced ethnographic, brainstorming, creative making and concept evaluation exercises.

Delegates will be able to choose and vote on key topics to investigate in a series of fast-paced team-activities, and a range of industry experts will join the masterclass to guide projects and share current practice and case studies.

The sessions include a mix of:

  • Introductory keynote lectures from experts in the field of workplace research, strategy and innovation
  • ‘People’, ‘place’ and ‘technology’ modules backed by a series of practical exercises
  • Design ‘sprints’ through different stage of the creative strategy model
  • Team creative workshops 
  • A final crit of project presentations by a panel of experts. 

At a time when every organisation and every worker is grappling with the implications of the new world of work, this short course will give you a comprehensive methodology to ask the right questions and shape the right solutions.

Post course, we offer a 1:1 session with the course leader, Professor Jeremy Myerson, where participants have an opportunity to discuss key take-outs from the masterclass (this is optional).

You will come away from this course with:

  • A clear understanding of the new landscape of work and workplace – and its implications for individuals and organisations
  • Creative confidence to work in a team on design-led, human-centric innovation 
  • Knowledge of how to use the different stages of the design thinking model
  • Practical experience of applying creative thinking on a workplace project relevant to you
  • A reinvigorated sense of what can be achieved when taking a people-centred approach
  • Tools and frameworks to enable you to take a leadership role in workplace strategy back in your own organisation

This masterclass is aimed at a wide range of professionals in the workplace industry, drawn from across the design, architectural, technology, developer and real estate sectors.

It will also appeal to strategists, HR leaders, innovation managers and R&D team members in organisations seeking to get to grips with rapid workplace change, as well as policy makers, entrepreneurs, business managers and marketing teams.

The masterclass is organised in synchronous sessions in a live virtual environment that combines various digital platforms and tools.

Using the videoconferencing service Zoom, the RCA's esteemed academics and facilitators deliver a mix of:

  • live lectures
  • case studies
  • guided assessments
  • presentations

Participants interact with the faculty and peers in breakout rooms in real time.


Participants engage in cross-functional team work with the use of visual collaboration tools.

Through the online whiteboard platform Miro, participants get to:

  • interact with various formats and templates
  • plan and brainstorm ideas
  • create processes and workshop activities in the digital workspace.


The College's learning platform Moodle is personalised according to the course's requirements to provide participants with a secure integrated system where they can access the course content.

The hub hosts a range of useful resources to enable the learning experience, including comprehensive timetables, pre-reading materials, course slides, curated videos, tutorials and session recordings.


Participants stay connected and communicate via the channel-based messaging platform Slack throughout the whole duration of the course.

In this space, the academics, facilitators and delegates get to network, plan the course activities, share documents and files during the live sessions or offline.

WORKTECH Academy is the world’s leading knwoeldge platform and member club exploring how we’ll work tomorrow. We look at innovation in the world of work and workplace through five key lenses: people, place, technology, design and culture. We engage with our powerful network of over 10,000 individual members and more than 70 corporate, design and technology organisations around the world to deliver content on the latest trends, research and best practice in work and workplace.

WORKTECH Academy Members discounted fee available, contact: [email protected]

Pre-order Jeremy Myerson's new book Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office here



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