Heads of Programme Welcome

Savina Torrisi (RCA) and Peter Childs (Imperial College London), Innovation Design Engineering

Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) is a unique double Master’s Programme that has been run jointly with Imperial College London for over 38 years. It is a leading-edge, interdisciplinary course that focuses on the exploration and development of impactful innovation through critical observation, disruptive design thinking, experimentation, exploration of emergent technologies, advanced engineering and enterprise activities.


Innovation in IDE involves the creation of new human interactions, system-based experiences and devices that foster behavioural change and generate value for society. IDE projects have a breadth of vision, with the ambition of generating a real impact on diverse aspects including culture, politics, economics, engineering, design and, ultimately, on people. Diversity is a core factor in the IDE culture that embraces students and staff from over 25 countries and with very diverse disciplinary backgrounds.

The Programme nurtures students to shape their unique identity as leading innovators with pioneering attitude who push the boundaries of diverse fields to challenge important real-world matters and envision future scenarios.

The Programme offers:

  • full enrolment at the RCA and Imperial College London with access to both institutions’ facilities
  • multidisciplinary teaching input by leading practitioners and researchers
  • occasional commercial collaborations (projects have included Coca Cola, Airbus, BBC, Ford, Unilever, Future Agenda, Guzzini, LG)
  • very good links and involvement in enterprise teaching and potential support through InnovationRCA incubator
  • international exchanges and student modules organised annually in different countries (recent visits include South Africa, Israel, India, Japan and Chile).

"The programme requires that a wide range of design skills and thinking are utilised (industrial design techniques, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, design research, user-centred design and sustainability, among others)."