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Dr Jonathan Antonio Edelman
Peter Childs
Dr Jonathan Antonio Edelman & Professor Peter Childs

Global Innovation Design (GID) is a new joint Master's programme between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. It is a unique, transnational Master’s design initiative that brings together three major centres of design, culture, enterprise and industry: Europe, North America and Asia. 



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  • Farris El Alwan

    Farris El Alwan

    I grew up in Oman and did the Product Design programme at Central Saint Martins. By the end, I didn’t really feel ready to work in industry straight away, so I knew I wanted to do a Master’s degree. I’d heard so much about the Royal College of Art throughout my undergraduate degree; a lot of my tutors had studied there, so it was definitely something I aspired to. 

  • Bilal Raja

    Bilal Raja

    Before I started on the Global Innovation Design programme, I was working primarily as an industrial designer in various locations around the world, including the Netherlands, Singapore and most recently at Mizzi Studios, here in London. The jobs were varied and I had the chance to work with a bunch of great artists and designers. 

  • Chema Pastrana

    Chema Pastrana

    I studied architecture at the University of Navarre, in Spain. Before going to college I devoured every one of my father’s interior design magazines, and the best part was always at the end, in the ‘furniture and innovations’ section. I didn’t know though that such a thing as industrial design existed.

  • Setareh Shamdani

    Setareh Shamdani

    Before coming to the RCA I was working as a senior designer at a graphic design studio in Vancouver. We mostly worked in the not-for-profit sector, on projects that were related to social change and helping the local community. I was also writing and editing for Neshan Magazine, a quarterly Iranian graphic design publication.



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