Scholarships & Awards

All of the 2018 scholarships have now been allocated. We will update these pages with our 2019 schemes from October (with further updates throughout the year). To have the best chance of being considered for scholarships we recommend that course applications are made before Christmas. 

General Information

Applicants are generally shortlisted by the scholarship panel using on one or more of the following criteria:

  • The strength of your RCA application
  • Financial need
  • Talent
  • Academic promise
  • Your portfolio

As our scholarships are extremely competitive and limited in number and selection is usually by invitation only. Unless otherwise stated shortlists are usually drawn up using academic feedback from course applications with only the very best applicants being contacted. Shortlisted students will be contacted by the scholarships team via email and invited to apply which often involves submitting a CV, personal statement, and a financial impact questionnaire. If you have not been invited to apply, please presume you were not successful. Shortlisting usually takes place between March and the end of April but because opportunities are limited students are asked to make their preparations on the assumption that they will need to pay for the course privately via alternative means. 

If successful, the scholarship recipient must meet the terms and conditions of the award in order to continue to receive the scholarship for the duration of study.

Additional information

Scholarships are awarded for a specific Programme and entry point and cannot be deferred without consent from the academic Programme and scholarships panel.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding the reasons for their decision.

No appeal is allowed, as once scholarships are awarded, all available funds have been committed.

If you're unsuccessful in being shortlisted for a scholarship, there are various funding options available to help postgraduate students with their studies, including loans and scholarships. For more information, see External Funding.