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Dr Kevin Walker, Information Experience Design

IED is set within the vibrant mixed studios of the RCA’s School of Communication, each of its pathways with a specialist Lab as its hub. Professor Neville Brody, who provides inspiration and instigation, calls IED an interface between information and experience, and a platform for exploring post-screen, post-digital and post-disciplinary practice. Our students and researchers work alongside the School’s graphic designers, animators and illustrators, and in interdisciplinary teams with other RCA programmes as well as external scientists, companies, architects and academics.

IED develops a mindset as well as a skillset. No specific technical skills are required; applicants come from diverse backgrounds in design, science, fine art, engineering and technology, with a common critical interest in data, design and making. Graduates may go on to work in visualisation, data science, advanced design practice, cultural and educational institutions, research labs or studio practice.

The three distinct pathways offered by the IED programme of Sound Design, Moving Image Design, and Experimental Design, one of which students select as part of their application, are interrelated, focused around different ways of approaching IED’s core aim of transforming information into experiences. 

IED offers: 

  • Specific training in working with data, programming and electronics, prototyping and making using a range of methods and materials, and tools for enquiry, investigation and research.
  • Tutors, visiting lecturers and guests who are at the forefront of practice and thinking internationally.
  • An Experimental Lab, Sound Lab and Moving Image Lab for making and hacking, each stocked with a range of specialist hardware and software and set within the mixed studios of the School of Communication.
  • Highly interdisciplinary projects with other RCA programmes, as well as industry partners large and small, museums and universities in the UK and around the world.
  • Close links between MA, MPhil and PhD students, funded research and professional practitioners.
  • Opportunities for exhibition, publication, intervention, online and offline dissemination, and commercialisation of student work and research.
  •  International exchanges and trips, as well as real-world projects and research set in and around London.

"Learning is experience. Everything else is just information" Albert Einstein
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker