Experimental Animation

Experimental Animation is one of three pathways, alongside Documentary Animation and Narrative Animation, that applicants choose from within the animation programme upon application. Built on the fundamental skills delivered by the long-established Animation MA, this pathway explores making animated films and expanded moving image projects, developing creative and critical thinking, research skills and expanded discipline expertise. 

The work produced ranges from the more traditional, narrative to experimental and more expanded forms of animation. The first year is divided into three main areas of focus across which spreads across the three terms.

  • The development of new ways of working
  • Project development and production
  • Research and development

First Year

The pathway shares the first term with other programmes across the School, which all provide subject-led electives. Students choose one of these electives and in parallel, participate in series of animation workshops that are designed to develop new ways of working and critical thinking. Additionally, the workshops serve to introduce students to the programme and College facilities, to enable independent working and to introduce a broad range of academic and technical staff. Students are introduced to new areas or interests and new ways of thinking about their work.

The second term is dedicated to the production of a personal project, which is completed by the third term, and alongside elective work from the first term, forms the basis of work for examination.  In this third term, students undertake research and the initial writing of a dissertation as well as the development of their graduation projects. Specific workshops aimed to support the graduation project development also take place.

Second Year

The second year is dedicated to the development and production of one or more personal graduation projects. Students will build on the experience of the first year, expanding on their practical skills and critical thinking. Preparation and the initial stages of production of the MA project/s occur during the first term of the second year. Idea/script developments are supported through tutorials and workshops, and contact and collaboration with contributors such as musicians, composers, actors, scriptwriters etc. are encouraged. The spring term is spent in production concentrating on creating the core content, with the final term focusing on post-production preparation and plans for installations and exhibition for the Summer Show.

Throughout the two years, students are supported by programme staff, visiting artists and practitioners through a support system of tutorials, lectures and workshops. Students are examined midway through the third term.

Potential candidates will have a deep interest in pushing at the boundaries of the practice whether in process, narrative forms, representation or exhibition. They will be strong visual practitioners and have had some experience of the animation process.