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Beth Hughes
Beth Hughes

Architecture at the RCA sets out to inspire design innovation. The programme expands the possibilities of architecture and its agency in the world by encouraging a speculative, independent and critical ethos among its students


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  • Matteo Mastrandrea

    Matteo Mastrandrea

    I finished school and went straight into my Part 1 Architecture at Cambridge, and it was great. There aren’t many other courses that are artistic in the same way, or at least marry the arts and humanities and the sciences in that way. 

  • Rosa Ainley

    Rosa Ainley

    Before I arrived at the RCA, I was at the Architectural Association and had been there for nine years. My career has really been as an editor and writer – I started working as a print editor and finally web editor.

  • Rowan Prady

    Rowan Prady

    I studied at the University of Bath for my undergraduate degree in Architecture which was technically quite challenging and focussed on construction, theory and engineering. It was a great foundation for where I’m at now, so I’m thankful in hindsight for how tough I found it.