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From Car Sharing to Mobility Service Sharing: Exploring Interaction and Service Design for Modular Sharing Vehicles

Yi's research is centred around the dynamic field of shared mobility, with a particular emphasis on shared vehicles. He is deeply committed to revolutionising the way we approach urban transportation. His primary focus is to introduce modularity into shared vehicles, a concept he believes can significantly optimise and promote these services.

Yi aims to enhance user satisfaction through his work by offering a more personalised and adaptable transportation experience. He envisions a future where users can customise shared vehicles to suit their specific needs, whether for a short commute, a family trip, or a solo adventure.

Furthermore, Yi is keenly aware of the environmental challenges the transportation sector poses. He believes that by making shared vehicles more efficient and adaptable, we can reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with private car ownership. This approach aligns with global sustainability goals and paves the way for a greener, more environmentally conscious urban environment.

Yi's research delves into the technical aspects of modular shared vehicles and explores the behavioural and psychological factors that influence user adoption. His interdisciplinary approach integrates principles from interaction design, user experience, and urban planning to create a holistic solution that addresses the diverse needs of urban residents.