Dr. Jiayu (Zoe) Wu


  • Dr. Jiayu (Zoe) Wu
  • Area

    Intelligent Mobility Design Centre


    Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr Jiayu Wu leads and works on collaborative innovation research projects at the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre (IMDC), bringing together academics, industrial partners, and students to design and deliver research and knowledge transfer projects for emerging mobility experiences. Current projects at the IMDC include Hyundai Kia Innovation Laboratory projects ‘Future Luxury’ and ‘Emotional Tech’, and the Greenwich Automated Transport Environment ‘GATEway’. Her focus is digital integrated human experience and disruptive approaches for addressing existing and emerging mobility problems.

  • Biography

  • Jiayu is an innovation methods educator for technology and business integration, and a professional user experience designer for the new mobility and automobile industries. She lectures on the impact of design innovation approaches in business development and social engagement and works with businesses of all sizes on concept design generation and production. Her research interests include exploring how user experiences influence cutting edge technology in new and emerging markets and vice versa. She leads IMDC Hyundai Kia Innovation Laboratory research projects such as ‘Emotional Tech’ applying emotional design approaches to disruptive mobility experiences, as well as working on future forecasting projects such as ‘Future Luxury’, and ‘GATEway’ exploring driverless futures.

    Previously head of Tsinghua x-lab’s Design Innovation Centre, she specialized in incorporating design thinking in business development, industry joint projects, and nurturing China’s most academically talented students’ spinout projects. As senior product developer at Volkswagen New Mobility Services, her focus was car-sharing service design, new mobility solutions and urban transportation trends, including rolling out pilots in cities across China. She has held assistant professor and lecturer positions after graduating from Jiangnan University’s School of Design, focusing on communication design and digital interactions. Her Ph.D. at Tsinghua University included time at Aalto University working on integrated technology user interaction experiences.
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  • Practice

  • Jiayu is interested in human behaviour and the study of people’s reactions to products. Beyond the design of vehicles, Jiayu focuses on life changes and the interactions between vehicles and people, as well as vehicles and environments as emerging technologies evolve transportation to a future where individuals have unprecedented involvement in every facet of transportation services. 

  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Publications

    Jiayu Wu, Yipei Shen, Zhiyong Fu (2015), 'Design Driven User Study Workshop for Chinese Startup Innovation'. IASDR2015, Interplay, 2–5 November 2015, Brisbane, Australia.

    Jiayu Wu, Zhiyong Fu, Zhiyuan Liu, Xu Lin, Jiayu Tang, Jiajia Pan, Chen Zhao (2013), 'Creating Reflections in Public Emotion Visualization: Prototype Exploration on Traffic Theme', C&C Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition, pp 357–361.

    Jiayu Wu, Zhiyong Fu, Zhiyuan Liu, Jiajia Pan, Huiling Long, Xu Lin, Haoqing He, XinxiongChen, Jiayu Tang,(2012), 'City Flow: Prototype Exploration for Visualizing Urban Traffic Conversations' 2012 ASE/IEEE International Conference on Social Computing, pp 481–489.

    Wu Jiayu (2012), 'Exploring the Value of Digital Tools in the Cultural Pattern: A Case Study ofBreathing Life into Cultural Heritage' Chinese Journal of Art and Design, 2012:1, pp 97–99.

    Jiayu Wu, Zhiyong Fu (2011), Studying on the Using Patterns of Chinese SNS Platforms. RDURP 2011 Proceedings of the 2011 ACM symposium:The role of design in UbiComp Research & Practice, pp 37–40.

    Zhiyong Fu, John Zimmerman, Wu Jiayu, Christopher Mustafa Kirwan, Chen Zhao (2011), 'The Role of Design in UbiComp Research and Practice'. UbiComp 2011 Proceedings of the 13thinternational conference on Ubiquitous Computing, pp 629–630.


    (2017) Problem Definition and Customer Segmentation - Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Silicon Valley,  Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management in collaboration with facebook.

    (2016) X-researcher: the Self, the Team and the Business, Tsinghua x-lab in collaboration with the School of Economics and Management at the Tsinghua University.

    (2011) The Role of Design in UbiComp Research & Practice, the 13th ACM symposium on Ubiquitous Computing, Beijing.

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