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Robotic Sensing and Perception

Sensing and state estimation are essential design components for any robotic system. At a basic level, integrated sensors enable estimation of the robot’s state for feedback control. At a higher level, robot perception, defined as the task-oriented interpretation of sensor data, deals with understanding of the robot’s surrounding environment. Hence, the development of novel sensing techniques and devices, and strategic deployment of them are central to our robotics research.

Smart Sensors for Soft Structures and Robots

Soft structures and robots exhibit complex behaviours which emerge from intended compliance in their structure, allowing them to passively conform to the mechanical constraints of their environment. In order to control their behaviour, the deformed state of the robot’s soft body must be monitored and incorporated into the control algorithm during the operation, using appropriate sensing systems. However, the high dimensional deformation of soft robots often cannot be measured using the conventional solid-state sensors.

To address this drawback, the development and integration of soft sensors that can accurately measure shape changes in the soft robots, and ideally preserve the inherent softness in their body, have been an important research focus within the community. In particular, we are interested in innovating sensors that can measure force/ torque, shape, stretch and torsion in flexible structures and robots, see our relevant publications at the bottom of this page.

Selected publications

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