Head of Programme Welcome

Jordan Baseman, Sculpture

The study of Sculpture is ever-expanding and includes object-making, public art and social practices, site and space, performance, sound, film and video. Rather than consider the specific manifestations of Sculpture, we prefer to think of it as a methodology from which to progress the production of art.

The Sculpture programme provides a structure that incorporates both individual and group tutorials, as well as a dedicated seminar programme. Critical reviews of student work are conducted consistently throughout the year and at the end of each term, and we invite external visitors to contribute to these discussions when they become School-wide. 

Sculpture students have access to College-wide technical workshops as well as all facilities within the School of Arts & Humanities.

The programme offers:

  • a critical environment in which to discuss contemporary issues for making Sculpture now
  • individual and group tutorial and cross-School group crits, facilitated by leading practitioners and thinkers
  • a flexible studio space that can be used collectively or individually 
  • access to a range of technical facilities including wood and metal workshops, the Moving Image Studio, traditional and digital printmaking, photography and wood and metal workshops, 3D modelling suite, retouching and moving image workstations, scanning and colour printing.
  • opportunities for exhibitions, overseas travel and international exchanges (including Paris, Kyoto, Austin Texas)

"A spatial art, Sculpture is intensely practical, yet essentially philosophical. As social, political and economic circumstances have changed so has the ebb and flow of debate. It is also significant that advances in technology and the invention of new materials and methods of production shape the direction of the subject."