MA Programme Description

City Design

City Design is a new 15-month MA programme starting in September 2017. The programme is aimed at a new generation of architects and urban designers interested in the radical transformation of cities and the societies that are shaped by them. It proposes a new multi-scalar approach to urban design education that unites architectural, technological and scientific research. The course is design led and project-based as well as being connected to practice in London through an innovative partnership scheme.

The distinctive pedagogical model of the MA City Design programme offers students a rigorous and open-ended platform for developing and testing spatial transformation within a broad range of international and local contexts. Students can work across a variety of possible fields including collective housing, new transportation and logistical networks, social movements and institutions. The course will introduce students to new technologies of calculation, visualisation and representation as essential components in re-imagining the design and management of cities.

The programme introduces an innovative format of mentorship and placement in order to bring students into contact with world leading architecture, design and engineering talent. Alongside helping students to establish a network of colleagues and mentors in the city of London they have the opportunity to pursue a degree within a world leading art and design institution, including access to a rich culture of radical and experimental interdisciplinary work at the Royal College of Art.

Subject to validation in 2017.

Contact the City Design programme:

+44 (0)20 7590 4281


240 credits
15-month programme
Full-time study



+44 (0)20 7590 4281