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GRAHAM HUDSON- Sisyphus Reclined

Sisyphus Reclined was a functioning workshop and performance commissioned by Burberry. It offered the opportunity to explore how the latest CAD technology could resolve issues inherent in traditional casting.

The investigation pursued a specific question: in traditional casting, limitations exist in casting directly from the body, particularly when casting from the athletic and muscular body. This results in a limited capture of muscle definition and galvanic skin response, due to the material and physiological conditions. A maximum muscle flex can only be maintained for one minute, yet ten minutes are required for the traditional alginate and plaster to skin process. Previous experience with digital photogrammetry had hinted at possible solutions but also identified other issues: CAD and CNC had been unable to match the detail of traditional casting which revealed fine details such as tattoos. The technology cannot yet match traditional casting, but there is a sliding scale of where the two methods excel, crossover and work exceptionally together.

The robot’s production sits as a complement, challenge and companion to the classical making space of traditional sculptor’s studio. It produced a range of objects referencing the history of art and the body’s role in religious iconography and other forms of depictions. The work also referred to the site, relating to the history of the Burberry flagship building and its current use.

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The project inaugurated the appointment of Burberry’s new creative Director, Ricard Tisci. Burberry has historically seen itself as a ‘making brand’ and this theme continues in Tisci’s era. The research was financed by Burberry and was facilitated key professional collaborations across both the technological and traditional sides of the production process throughout the project; six months lead time, and the six weeks on display to the public.

6-week display at Burberry’s flagship store, London. The project was promoted globally on Burberry’s online platforms and its presentation coincided with Frieze Art Fair and London Fashion week.

Keynote Address at conference Creative Minds, University of Middlesex, 12th September 2019

Lecture at The University of Texas at Austin

Related works in exhibitions

  • A title like the power of love, 2020, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China
  • Digital sculptures of classical athlete icons; Discobolous, Nike, David, Venus, Athena. Yoga balls, fountain (yellow hose) and scaffold
  • Made in illusion, 2019 Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • Muscle Cult, 2019, Artron Museum, Shenzhen, China

The project was promoted via Burberry’s Instagram which has 13 million followers.

Press included:


Robot produces polystyrene sculptures inside Burberry's London store

Architectural Digest

Riccardo Tisci Enlists Artist Graham Hudson to Create a Multi-Faceted Installation at Burberry's Regent Street Store. The experiential work blends identity, religion, and AI.


Burberry’s London flagship store hosts three-storey body-exploring art installation


Artist Graham Hudson built a robotic installation for Burberry. Riccardo Tisci’s renovation places an installation by Hudson at the heart of the Regent Street store.

The Evening Standard

Burberry unveils an arty new vision for its flagship Regent Street store. It's a sneak peak at Riccardo Tisci's edgy new aesthetic for the brand.

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GRAHAM HUDSON- Sisyphus Reclined

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