Knowledge Exchange

Helping companies to innovate.

The Royal College of Art’s rich tradition of interdisciplinary working and innovation underpins its research and knowledge exchange. It helps foster global economic performance, boost the effectiveness of public services and policy, and enhance quality of life, health and creative output. 

Design and creativity are at the core of our research and knowledge exchange activities. They span various design application domains ranging from object and service design, vehicle and urban design, experience and anthropology design, design interactions and fashion design. We share our state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research with external companies and institutions to transfer knowledge and create impact.

The College has a strong commitment to accelerate its already impressive track record of industry engagement. Our academic experts collaborate closely with small businesses, multinational corporations and enterprises as well as government and charities. Our industry partners value the role of design and arts in innovation. We help them bringing design, creativity and critical thinking to their day-to-day businesses and developing their innovation capabilities.

Our knowledge exchange activities range from executive educationstudio and live projects undertaken as student projects and supervised by top-class tutors, and industry collaboration.



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