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Uroos Jamal's overcoat design

What brought you to studying for the MA Fashion at the RCA?

During my BA, sustainability started to become the focal point of my work. Because the RCA is known to hone every aspect of a designer’s personality – be it their emphasis on research, use of cutting edge technology or ability to think beyond the boundaries of what is ordinary – the College became a pathway to broaden my perception of sustainability.

Uroos Jamal working with blue fabric

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I am working on creating tailored garments by employing and altering various low-tech techniques like basic weaving and crochet to fit the requirements of tailored pieces.

As these techniques are widely practised by communities at a grassroots level around the world, it not only helps me understand and alter them according to the requirements of the clothing industry but also creates employment opportunities for the upliftment of communities, especially women.

How would you summarise the RCA in three words?

Future. Community. Diversity.

What is a typical day like at the RCA?

A typical day starts around nine in the morning, usually in one of the fashion ateliers at the Kensington Campus sorting things out and talking to my fellow students and technicians. The day generally continues in the textiles studio or at the bench area or the laser cutting room due to the processes involved in my practice. One thing I thoroughly enjoy is a moment or two to myself during my breaks in Hyde Park.

“The programme is the most diverse one that I have ever seen or experienced.”

Uroos Jamal MA Fashion
Uroos Jama in Hyde Park

What is the mix of students like on your programme?

The programme is the most diverse one that I have ever seen or experienced, in terms of culture as well as background. The cross-pollination of practices and the dynamic environment helps me to learn something new every day, further enabling me to better serve people as a designer.

I love collaborating with and learning from others. My most recent collaboration is with Yuhan Bai whose interest lies in biomaterials to create fragrances that mentally transport us to far-off places.

Where do you make work at the College?

As my work is based on searching for alternative techniques of production, it includes working with diverse materials, from the creation of yarn in the textiles studio to making the tools that I require for production in the wood and metal workshop. The facilities and availability of resources assist me tremendously in making my design a reality.

Uroos Jamal in the RCA Studios

How do you unwind outside of your studies?

Unwinding for me means either going for a run or to the museums nearby. This not only helps me clear my mind but also provides me with much needed inspiration which can be found in every nook and cranny of a multicultural city like London.

“The RCA has made me more ambitious in a good way.”

Uroos Jamal MA Fashion
Uroos Jamal steams garment on mannequin

Have your plans for the future changed since being at the College?

Tremendously! The RCA has made me more ambitious in a good way. It has provided a wider perspective to my design language. As the opportunities to learn are limitless, during my time at the RCA I attempt to not only design clothes but expand my understanding of sustainability to design systems.

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