Council Members

The Council is the governing body of the Royal College of Art. The membership is made up principally of lay (non-College) members and includes a number of staff and students. For more information, see College Governance. Click here for biographies of Lay Members

Ex Officio

The Chancellor
Sir Jony Ive (30 June 2022)

The Pro-Chancellor
Baroness Rebuck DBE (to 28 February 2019) 

The Vice-Chancellor
Dr Paul Thompson

The Treasurer
Caragh Merrick (to 31 December 2018)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost 
Professor Naren Barfield

Co-President of the Students' Union (Architecture and Design)
Jazbo Gross (to 31 July 2019)

Lay Members 

Michael Birshan (to 31 March 2021)

Robert Careless (to 31 March 2019)

Professor Rachel Cooper OBE (to 31 March 2019)

Jennifer Duvalier (to 30 April 2019)

Mike Forster (to 29 February 2020)

Dr Tristram Hunt (to 29 February 2020)

Alan Leibowitz (to 30 November 2018)

Professor Magdalene Odundo OBE (to 31 March 2020)

Catherine Parry (to 30 April 2020)

Patrick Plant (to 30 April 2019)

Richard Petrie (to 28 February 2021)

Dr Sigrid Rausing (to 31 March 2021)

Lady Ritblat OBE (to 31 March 2020)

Dame Marjorie Scardino (to 30 November 2018)

John Studzinski CBE (to 31 March 2020)

Tom Van Oss (to 31 October 2019)

Ed Williams (to 31 January 2019)

Staff members

Professor Paul Anderson (to 31 July 2019)

Professor Juan Cruz (to 31 July 2020)

Professor Graeme Brooker (to 31 July 2019)

Dr Rathna Ramanathan (to 31 July 2020)

Dr Sarah Teasley (to 31 July 2019)

Dr Emma Wakelin (to 31 July 2019)

Dr Stephen Wang (to 31 July 2020)

Student member

Benji Jeffrey, Co-President of the Students' Union  (to 31 July 2019)


Chief Operating Officer, Richard Benson

In Attendance

Executive Director of Transformation and Delivery, Dr Philip Harvey

Director of Finance, Amanda White 

Governance Officer, Lucy Quarry


One-third of the total actual membership of the Council (or the nearest whole number thereto) provided that at least one-third of those present at any time shall be neither Members of the Staff of the College nor Students.

Number of Meetings Per Year


Darwin Building, Kensington
Darwin Building, Kensington
Photographer: Richard Haughton