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Race for the Arctic

A docu-game set across the next 50 years of environmental, geopolitical, and social conflict in the Arctic.

At a glance

  • Race for the Arctic” is a docu-game that transports players across the next century of environmental, geopolitical and social conflict on the polar silk road.
  • Built with science experts and indigenous communities, the game aims to bring three-dimensional colour to the cold data of climate catastrophe.
  • Set across the next fifty years, players will follow the story of three generations of the fictional Freight Family whose ambition is to become leaders in Arctic cargo shipping.
  • Each generation will look at a different future epoch of climate change, but as their quest progresses, the stakes increase and players must navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain future.

Key details


More information

The Arctic has been described as the “last white dot on the map”. But it is beginning to be coloured in. As the world heats up, Arctic ice turns into sea, and a region that once belonged to nobody will be divvied up.

With ‘Race for the Arctic’ we want to tell a hidden story about the future of the Arctic region: countries waiting for the ice to melt, opportunity hiding underneath that ice, and faster shipping routes opening up.

We believe that it is vital that our game platforms what is planned going forward unheard voices closest to the story. This includes working with scientists to communicate their research, which is often inaccessible, as well as supporting indigenous communities who are absent in current climate debates. By working with our collaborators we hope to provide new perspectives for players and ensure our game pertains to a true, albeit speculative, future.

Our target audience are the climate-conscious Gen Z – a group at the forefront of climate activism. We hope to inspire and empower this group to put the future of the Arctic at the centre of their demands, pressuring governments and companies to divest in the Arctic.

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Episod Studio's Race For The Arctic Game

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