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Smart clothing for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Squeasewear is an inflatable pressure vest that is hidden away inside a hooded top. No weights are used; hug-like pressure is applied to to the upper body simply by inflating the vest with air.

The vest is lightweight and may be worn by itself or zipped inside a Squeasewear hooded top, making it discreet and mobile. The vest is inflated by squeezing a hand pump, allowing the wearer to regulate and apply soothing pressure in everyday situations that may lead to anxiety, stress or sensory overload - whether that is at home, at school, or on-the-move.

For people with sensory processing difficulties, who find dealing with change, busy environments or contact with other people to be highly stressful, applying pressure to the upper body may be calming, increase body awareness or improve attention and focus.

The Squeasewear vest is different to other products that provide pressure, such as weighted vests and tight fitting clothing, in that pressure is applied only when it is inflated. When deflated, the vest sits loosely around the wearer's body making it comfortable to wear all day long.

More information: the Squeasewear website or Email: [email protected] 


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