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Aergo believe design is universal, but designing for disability is often very exclusive, leading to stigmatising product proposals.

To change such oversight, Aergo aims to deliver inclusive solutions that disrupt the divisions of disability.

Working closely with physiotherapists and students of Treloars and Mapledown school for disability, founders Daniel Garrett and Hsin-Hua (Sheana) Yu (Global Innovation Design 2015), proposed Aergo, a low-cost postural support system that dynamically corrects posture while relieving irritation and discomfort from being seated for long periods. It allows for repositioning in a wheelchair without physical manhandling. Replacing current bulky, expensive and unsightly existing solutions that often overemphasise a person’s disabilities.

The system’s flexibility makes it possible to undercut alternative solutions on price while offering a higher quality in design and a more mainstream looking product. Particularly for young users, and their parents, the need to maintain an outwardly less disabled appearance is enormously important, Aergo facilitates that with streamlined functioning and aesthetics. 


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