Head of Programme Welcome

Building on the success of the world-renowned Vehicle Design Programme at the RCA, Intelligent Mobility looks to the future of all forms of transportation design and places this in the context of an increasingly complex environment.

Automotive and transportation design is expanding and includes new challenges relating to user experience (UX), autonomy, electrification, rapid urbanisation and strategic planning. Intelligent Mobility seeks to address these challenges through design vision and applied expertise.

Our approach is to establish a critical learning environment in which projects and research focus on innovation and disruptive design outcomes. The MA Programme encourages a design-led, highly personal and ideological approach where key themes such as vehicle aesthetics, sustainability, emerging markets and human cultural factors can be met with impactful and relevant design proposals.

Starting from the traditional role of automotive and transportation (vehicle design), the ambition of the MA Programme is to create future design leaders who have the mindset and skill set required to influence this rapidly changing industry.

The Programme offers:

  • globally recognised industry-leading MA with extensive industrial relationships through sponsored projects, internships and bursaries/awards. Recent collaborations include: Audi, Bentley, Citroen, Hitachi Rail Europe, Jaguar, Kia, EXA, Sabic and TATA
  • numerous scholarships 
  • a strong teaching staff comprised of with diverse, high-level practitioner experience in global mobility and design brands 
  • close ties to the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre, a new multidisciplinary mobility research centre 
  • a world-leading multi-disciplinary design learning environment, working alongside RCA Programmes such as Fashion and Innovation Design Engineering
  • an alumni network located in numerous top design positions globally.

"We encourage innovation with practicality, marrying experience and practice to creative thinking, blending teaching and learning seamlessly in a climate of informed opinion, supported by in-depth research, creative cross-disciplinary experience, teamwork and academic excellence."