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Bentley Prototype

Key details


  • 17 June 2022


  • RCA

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  • 1 minute

The Spark by Naomi Saka

'The Spark is awakened through the first human touch and becomes your key to the Bentley universe. It captures the unique bond between the user and brand, and finally you pass on not only a car – but a legacy.'

Yuj by Jay Asundria

'The disconnected industrial rhythm has expressed hazardous spill into the hydrological entities. Yuj being the part of the macrosystem enables reconnection by embracing the identity of the users. As a philanthropic spontaneous action Yuj breathes in water as purification and sculpts the spaces of immersive experience embracing the user.'

Holos by August Shiva Carbonell Reynes

'Holos is at the vanguard of sustainability, transcendental wealth. Through the experience of sublime emotional attachment by reconnection and recognition with the natural processes that surround and embody the human.'

Project Aeolus by Benjamin Adam Martin

'Project Aeolus is a vision of a Grand Tour, with Bentley as the cleanest way to travel. The project integrates Carbon Capture technology at the heart of the concept to symbolise 'Sustainable Luxury' as value from waste.'

Archetype by Shoichi Sato

'Archetype is the future luxury through evolution and inheritance beyond the time. The key concept 'Pace layering' –combination of different life cycles – fosters the car as if it metabolizes over time, enhancing adaptation and inheritance beyond user generations.'

Aeon by Corentin Janel

'Questioning the place of luxury in the next century, AEON puts forwards the beauty of imperfection through the deconstruction of materials. The expression of roughness recalls stories of these materials, enhancing attachment with the user who seeks a visceral experience.'

Patronus by Zixuan Zhao

'Patronus connects passengers and the environment, which is more open and alive, and provides a feeling of participation for passengers through learning and relaxation. Combining with the slices and different layers, the mist with smell and temperature will go through the slices and simulate the environment with light console. Patronus is a legacy from Bentley spirit, and a gift for our next generation.'

Heron by Guillaume Innocenti

'This project is part of a reflection on the various challenges of a future mobility that is both luxurious and more respectful of the environment. The aim here was to achieve a lighter vehicle through a different design and a more minimalist experience.'

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