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    Visiting Senior Tutor

  • As a Visiting Senior Tutor within the Vehicle Design programme, Sam is responsible for arranging lectures, visits, group critiques and tutorials that are pivotal in developing different critical perspectives and professional practice within vehicle design. He also supports students on concept definition and design research, and coaches on design presentation, specifically for examination.

    His professional practice outside the College focuses primarily on consulting in automotive design research for Car Design Research Ltd – with recent clients including Audi, SAIC, Volvo, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai and KPMG.

    Sam is also a judge for the World Car Design of the Year (part of WCOTY) and a juror for the iF Design Award.

  • Biography

  • Sam Livingstone has a first degree in Product Design and a second degree in Design Strategy and Innovation.

    His professional background is in Product Design, Marketing and, then, Automotive Design Research. In 1997 a position was created for him as Design Strategist at Daewoo Motor Company (now part of General Motors), answering directly to the Design Director.

    Since 2000 he has been a consultant, first for a Frankfurt-based consultancy, AG (now part of the Peter Schmidt Group), and then for the UK-based company Car Design Research Ltd. 

    His consulting work is predominantly for design groups of major automotive OEMs, but also includes other vehicle companies, automotive suppliers and creative agencies. Typical projects include developing new vehicle concept definitions, authoring automotive and non-automotive design trend reports, creating bespoke design evaluation processes, and working around the interface between design, brand and customers. Recent clients include Audi, SAIC, Volvo, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai and KPMG.

    Livingstone was also a contributor and then director of Car Design News from 2001 and 2005 respectively, and is now an Associate Editor contributing occasional design reviews and critical essays on car design.

    His writing has also been published in Form Magazine, Advanced Driving, the annual publication Automobile Year and Innovate, the RCA magazine for business partners. 

    Within Vehicle Design Sam Livingstone has been a Visiting Tutor since 2001, a personal tutor since 2003 and has had responsibility for professional practice within the programme since 2004. He instigated the annual Design Night Dinner and has managed it since 2005. In 2009, Sam was made Senior Tutor and had responsibility for arranging a series of lectures, visits, group critiques and tutorials that were pivotal in developing different critical perspectives and professional practice within vehicle design.  In 2013, Sam elected to step down from his permanent position at the College due to external work commitments, but continues his role on the programme as a Visiting Senior Tutor.

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  • Practice

      Selected work


      Research interests

      Sam has presented papers or chaired industry and academic automotive design events in Amsterdam, Rome, Oxford, Nanjing, Berlin, Coventry, Berlin, London, Vienna and Copenhagen.

      His extensive critical writing on automotive design has been published predominantly the leading (peer review) international automotive design media; Car Design News.  

      He was a contributing author to Moving Forward; New Directions in Transport Design for the V&A and his writing has also been published in Form magazine.

      As part of his work practicing as an automotive design research consultant, Sam has conducted numerous confidential design research projects for company clients.

      2010-11: Project leader for a sponsored studio project for second year MA students: Double Challenge, a project that harness exclusively electric powered attributes to make a compelling new type of ultra compact Citroen and shows a direction that could establish a unique Citroen E-vehicle aesthetic.

      2010: Vehicle Design Lecture Sessions; created and organised five “sessions” each running for ninety minutes and comprising four short lectures and a Q&A as a delivery platform and to engage with industry.  Speakers included: David Nelson, Head of Design, Fosters Associates; Julian Thompson, Head of Advanced Design, Jaguar; Nick Talbot, Director, Seymour Powell; Nicola Rawlston, Design Director, Nokia.

      2009-10: Project leader for the first ever sponsored studio project for second year MA students in 2009 with Bentley and EXA corporation (an aerodynamic simulation software company) to explore how aerodynamics might inform a future aesthetic direction for this traditional luxury car brand.

      2005 – Current: annual Vehicle Design Alumni and Friend Dinner event; coordination of eminent speakers and all other aspects.