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Include Conference

Design can make every conversation better. Especially when we design empathically and consciously. These six conference sessions will include a range of global issues in a world of dynamic uncertainty, challenge and change, through the lens of creative thinking. We believe that designerly approaches can help us navigate and orientate solutions that are people-centred and planet-ready.

While this conference embraces all design disciplines, established and emerging, it also reaches beyond design to reflect the trans-disciplinary nature of the disruptions we see in life around us. Each of these sessions makes a bold statement, asking us to come together to collectively discuss and create pathways forward.

Download the Include 2022 programme (PDF)

Day 1: Thursday 22 September 2022

Session 1: Decolonising: new frontiers in design

Colonies are not the same as communities.

Evidence increasingly shows that colonialist ideas pervade society to the extent that they live unseen and unheard across the spectrum of life. This includes political structures, societal frameworks, economic realities, academia and the world of creativity. Colonialism stifles creativity and innovation, something designers know only too well.

In this session we step beyond overused decolonisation hashtags and rhetoric, to actively listen to new possibilities and unfold futures that are more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Speaker bios

Keynotes: 9.45–10.20 am

  • Chair: Ve Dewey
  • Speakers: Kevin Bethune, Mark Rutledge, Rathna Ramanathan

Lightning talks: 10.20–10.55 am

  • Chair: Ve Dewey
  • Speakers: Natasha Trotman, Kateri Saabe Ikwe Phillips and Ken Reimer, Kesah Princely, Sanya Manzoor in conversation with Nida Manzoor

Panel discussion: 10.55–11.15 am

  • Chair: Sanya Manzoor
  • Panellists: Edmund Lee, Sean Donahue

Session 2: Fashion-able: body signalling beyond appearance

Anya Hindmarch & Sue Timney

Inclusive design has not often wandered into the realms of fashion to date, yet body shapes, human needs and individual attitudes differ from the mainstream images and ideals we are bombarded with. For decades people have had to fit themselves into depersonalised body shapes and sizes dictated by the world of fashion that can seem alien and different. Age, ability, gender and race are just a few of the characteristics that now need to be considered as we create visual and functional styles that empower and enable.

This session looks beyond pattern, garment and standardisation to consider the role of personal preference, materiality and textile technology. We look at how we can enable each one of the 7.8 billion of us to simply style, adorn, dress and signal our bodies in a way that we want, functionally, emotionally and aspirationally.

Speaker bios

In conversation : 11.30 – 12 noon

  • Sue Timney speaks to Anya Hindmarch

Lightning talks: 12noon – 12.30pm

  • Chair: Jonathan Kaufmann
  • Speakers: Jonathan Kaufmann, Ackeem Ngenya, Ellen Fowles, Laura Salisbury & Gopika Rajan

Panel discussion: 12.30–1pm

  • Chair: Ishwari Thopte
  • Panellists: Lucinda Graham, Miles Kilburn and Issie Bickerstaff

Session 3: Unravelling Ageism: beyond the hashtag

If living in a crucible of bias is a daily reality, then the ageing population may experience it more than anyone else. Ingrained stereotypes are prolific and pervade our conversations, actions and attitudes. The questions to answer head-on, is, 'What progress have we actually made and how do we actively employ empathy to hear the evidence and act on it? What would a world divested of these biases mean for everyone?'

This session will look at how we shift, acknowledge and break away from ingrained ageism and stepping beyond tokenism to create meaningful action based on empathic understanding and true respect.

Speaker bios

Keynotes: 2–2.30pm

  • Chair: George Lee
  • Speakers: Rankin, Ashton Applewhite

Lightning talks: 2.30–3pm

  • Chair: George Lee & Lynne Corner
  • Speakers: Rosalind Wilson, Sandi Rickaby, Ed Link, Alison Edwards

Panel discussion: 3–3.30pm

  • Chair: Chris McGinley
  • Panellists: Richard Griffiths,Michael Strantz, Lise Pape

Session 4: Academic Presentations

Academic submissions of peer-reviewed submissions will explore inclusive design research, theory, applications and future thinking across domains.

Academic Programme Day 1

Day 2: Friday 23 September 2022

Session 5: Tech Inclusion: hearing the 1 billion

Why have the voices of one billion people living with disabilities gone unheard, and how do we right this wrong? The need to know that every one of us matters, is at the fore, and technology development which can be a bridge, barrier or anything in between, should be a point of focus for us all. This challenge is a complex one and this session boldly delves head-on into some of the painful and crucial questions in hearing the one billion. It is time to reverse the microscope and take up the cry of “nothing for us without us”.

Speaker bios

Keynotes: 9.45–10.25am

  • Chair: Christopher Patnoe
  • Speakers: Leslie Leland, Sarah Pink, DotPlot, Vera.AI

Lightning talks: 10.25–10.40am

  • Chair: Mark Walker
  • Speakers: Sam Waller, Neil Milliken

Case studies: 10.40–11.15am

  • Chair: Mark Walker
  • Case studies: Irene Mbari-Kirika, Michal Rimon & Yuval Wagner, Wilfred Kainz

Session 6: Social sustainability: the role of inclusive design

In the world of sustainability, the social aspect is often less considered than the environmental or economic. Often it is flatly ignored. However, people’s attitudes, behaviours and actions are integral to future conversations. In a world where we have to swiftly act, there is a focus on the roles, strategies and frameworks that are reactive rather than considered and responsive, and based on the principles of do no harm to people or planet.

This session will look at the role that inclusive design can play in charting pathways and bring in human voice to a world that often focuses on large-scale global strategies, intellectualisation and conceptual discussion.

Speaker bios

Keynotes: 11.30am – 12 noon

  • Chair: Shravan Joshi
  • Speakers: Roger Rohatgi, David Constantine

Lightning talks: 12 noon – 12.30pm

  • Chair: Ralf Alwani
  • Speakers: Ralf Alwani, Clara Gaggero, Jo-Anne Bichard

Panel discussion: 12.30–1pm

  • Chair: Jo-Anne Bichard
  • Panellists: Shravan Joshi, Valerie Fletcher

Session 7: Creative Leadership: expressing unheard voices

Include 2022 - Session 7 - keynote headshot

Creative Leadership is a tried and tested model of leadership, home-grown at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. It responds to the ache for equity that is so needed in leadership today and applies the principles of inclusive design to broken models of leadership. It endorses, nurtures and develops the human attributes of creativity, empathy and clarity through this dynamic model of leadership theory and practice.

We believe that everyone is creative and everyone is a leader, something that is true for individuals and organisations. In this session we will explore how the tools of design can help unfold the next generation of leadership.

Speaker bios

Keynotes: 2–2.30pm

  • Chair: Melanie Flory
  • Speakers: Caroline Casey, Rama Gheerawo, Johan Brand

Lightning talks: 2.30–3pm

  • Chair: Ninela Ivanova
  • Speakers: Julius Mbaru, Amy Hopper, Aparna Piramal, Judah Armani

Panel discussion: 3–3.30pm

  • Chair: Ivelina Gadzheva and George Lee
  • Interview:: Gail Rebuck speaks to Rama Gheerawo
  • Launch: Creative Leaders Circle

Session 8: Academic Presentations

Academic submissions of peer-reviewed submissions will explore inclusive design research, theory, applications and future thinking across domains.

Include Academic Programme Day 2