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Dr Artur Grisanti Mausbach


  • Doctor Artur Grisanti Mausbach
  • Area

    Intelligent Mobility Design Centre


    Senior Research Fellow

  • Artur Grisanti Mausbach is an architect and urban planner committed to design and architecture, practice, education and research. Doctor in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art, his thesis Paradigm Shift-The Aesthetic of the Automobile in the Age of Sustainability investigates both the automotive industry and car user to understand how society can be transformed towards a more sustainable future.

    As Senior Research Fellow, Artur brings experience on multidisciplinary work to collaborative research projects addressing the challenges of human transport and mobility in the 21st century. Artur is a research supervisor and project leader at the IMDC.

  • Biography

  • Artur Grisanti Mausbach graduated in architecture and urban planning at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1996. Always working across different fields, his architecture degree project presented a two-seater city car presented in a full scale model. Mausbach obtained a MPhil in Design for Environmental Urban Structures in the same school in 2003, presenting a low-impact mobility system to Sao Paulo, which included the design of an electric Minibus. The following decorate at the RCA, between 2006 and 2010 was sponsored by the Brazilian government, and continued the investigation about mobility, now focusing on the future of the automobile in the age of sustainability.    

    Mausbach has been the principal architect and designer for his own studio since 1997, developing hundreds projects mainly in Brazil, but also in Austria, Germany and Great Britain.

    In the early years of his career, Mausbach designed the Post-graduation building of the University of Sao Paulo Veterinary School. In 2007, his own house and studio where displayed on the Sao Paulo International Architecture Biennale. In 2014, Mausbach’s greatest architecture project, the renovation of a historic building in Klosterneuburg, won a prize in Austria.

    Mausbach Design studio also provides consulting services for the automotive and mobility industries, from Brazil to Asia, focused on sustainability and aesthetics, aiming to improve designs or develop new products for everyday use and a sustainable future.

    Mausbach has been working in education since 1999, teaching design and architecture at the IED, the University of Sao Paulo and others, heading courses and conferences. He organised sessions at Monaco’s conference about electric vehicles and in 2011, the international conference Thinking Automotive Design at the University of Sao Paulo.  

    Mausbach managed a 2,500 student school of architecture and interior design in Sao Paulo, modernising the curriculum and creating research labs. In 2017, Mausbach launched the Smart Cities Design course at the IED. Every research and teaching program from Mausbach reflects his belief on adding intelligence and an environmental value to design and architecture.

    Mausbach has been jury of design prizes since 2013. In 2016 he was the chairman of the most important design prize in Brazil. Mausbach also collaborates with many specialised medias, writing on Car Design News since 2010, Argentinian Movil magazine, and frequently talking about automotive design on open TV shows.

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  • Practice

  • Artur Grisanti Mausbach holistic design research practice crosses the fields of urban planning, architecture, and product and mobility design. Everything is linked through a humanistic approach focusing on sustainability as aim and intelligent design as means.

    Mausbach’s thesis Paradigm Shift presents the holistic approach to automotive design. The research firstly identifies design trends for environmental sustainability in the development of new cars; secondly studies the new aesthetics and the historical evolution of car design language, and thirdly defines the conceptual design and profile of a new vehicle which would correspond to the expectations of a sustainable society. To understand public acceptance, the research investigates the myths of the automobile and focuses on the aesthetic experience encompassing places, people, systems and objects.

    Since the doctorate, Mausbach is exploring how autonomous vehicles and shared cars are perceived. The research stretches from exploring autonomous vehicles’ interfaces to experimenting flexible biomaterials to allow cars to change shape.

    The research methodology, which included future forecasting based on the reinterpretation of our understanding and experiences with material culture, influences all areas of Mausbach’s work. This has been communicated in several events, master classes and courses in different institutions.

    Mausbach collaborates with the University of São Paulo with oresearch on Neighborhood Electric Vehicles safety, addressing how compact new typologies can be safe and inclusive. In parallel, Mausbach articulates the collaboration between the RCA, IED SP and USP on the subject of smart cities. The links between London and Sao Paulo continuing since the 2007 City- Mobility-Sustainability workshop, 2011 Thinking Automotive Design conference, both run by Mausbach at USP with RCA participation.

    Supported by his research on the evolution of car design aesthetics, Mausbach has done consultancy for industry, specially on the development of cars for the South American market. Artur Grisanti Mausbach has published work about innovation for the automotive market, and is currently writing a book about the social and economic changes related to the evolution of mobility, from 19th century migrations to 21st flow of information.
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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Book Chapters

    Mausbach, A. G. (2015), 'Inovação e mudança de paradigmas no design automotivo: Tesla e Google'. In: Hélio Morrone Cosentino; Eduardo Zampar Morelli; Francesco Paternò. (Org.). INOVAÇÃO E MERCADO PARA O AUTOMÓVEL DO FUTURO. 1ed.São Paulo: Câmara Ítalo-brasileira de Comércio, Indústria e Agricultura de São Paulo, 2015, v. 1 pp. 204–208.

    Chapters in Exhibition Catalogs

    Mausbach, A. G. (2016), 'Transporte. 30º Prêmio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira'. São Paulo: Secretaria da Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2015), 'Introducao ao Premio de Design Produto, Construcao. 29º Prêmio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira'. São Paulo: Secretaria da Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'Transporte. 28º Prêmio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira'. São Paulo: Secretaria da Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo, 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2010), 'Artur Mausbach explores the aesthetic of the automobile in the age of sustainability with Paradigm Shift'. In: Vehicle Design, Royal College of Art 2010. Buckingham: Baron Books of Buckingham pp. 83–85.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2008), 'Artur Mausbach's 21 Century City: future retrospective and sustainability'. In: Vehicle Design, Royal College of Art 2008. Buckingham: Baron Books of Buckingham pp. 94–99.

    Website and Magazine Articles

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'Building the brand identity of Brazil's home-grown off-roader'. Car Design News,, 18 Ago. 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'How South America designed the Ford Ka'. Car Design News,, 31 Jul. 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'Nissan strengthens Brazil connections with new design studio'. Car Design News,, 20 Jun. 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'Senna y el mito de la velocidad'. Revista Movil, Buenos Aires, pp. 70–72, 01 Jun. 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2014), 'Brazilian VW design director Luiz Veiga celebrates the Beetle in art exhibition'. Car Design News,, 27 May 2014.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2013), 'Why small sedans are the next big thing in South America'. Car Design News,, 06 Ago. 2013.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2013), 'Karman-Ghia Coupé redesigned by Brazilian students'. Car Design News,, 31 Jul. 2013.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2013), 'De las 'coupés de 4 puertas' a los mini SUV'. Móvil Revista de Autos, Buenos Aires, pp. 46–51, 01 Jan. 2013.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2012), 'Sao Paulo Motor Show 2012 - Trends and overview'. Car Design News, 21 Nov. 2012.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2012), 'Show Review: Venice Biennale 2010'. Car Design News, 27 Oct. 2012.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2012), 'The value of regional design centers: Ford EcoSport'. Car Design News,, 10 Feb. 2012.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2011), 'Design Review: Fiat Palio'. Car Design News,, 31 Dec. 2011.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2011), 'Thinking Automotive Design'. Car Design News,, 02 Nov. 2011.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2010), 'Venice Biennale 2010'. Car Design News,, 27 out. 2010.

    Mausbach, A. G. (2010), Sao Paulo Auto Show 2010 - Highlights. Car Design News,, 26 Oct. 2010.

    Master Classes and Presentations

    (2017) Smart Cities e os desafios da cidade contemporanea: mudanca climatica e resiliencia – Marja Edelman. At: IED, September, 2017.

    (2016) Mudanca de Paradigma: o design na era da sustentabilidade. At: Universidade Maua Design Week. Maua, September 2016.

    (2015) Nike, Rolling Sculptures and the Jellyfish. At: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi Design Post-grad School. Sao Paulo, November 2015.

    (2015) Design e Arquitetura do Luxo. At: Maison du Luxe. ISAE FGV. Curitiba, September 2015.

    (2015) Design e Arquitetura do Luxo. At: Maison du Luxe. ISAE FGV. Sao Paulo, June 2015.

    (2012) Design, Arte e Fluidos. At:EPTT2012 international conference organized by USP Polytechnic school. Sao Paulo, September 2012.

    (2011) Frisbee -Autoconfigurative public car. At: Thinking Automotive Design conference, University of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, October, 2011.

    (2011) Paradigm Shift. At: Thinking Automotive Design conference, University of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, October, 2011.

    (20018) Beauty, Tradition and Innovation, With Louise Kiesling. At: Royal Automobile Club. London, February 2008.

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  • Awards and Grants

  • (2014) Building Award for Architecture Conservation of the City of Klosterneuburg, Austria.

    (2011) Best Special Session Organizer, EVER Monaco International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies.

    (2009) Best Paper in a Special Session, EVER Monaco International Conference on ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies.

    (1998) Winner of Architecture Design Competition to University of São Paulo Veterinary School Post-graduation Building.


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