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Choreography of Mobility

The Choreography of Mobility project studies movement in nature and art to inspire and influence the design of movement in mobility.

At a glance

  • Design research on the aesthetic experience of mobility systems, groups of vehicles, the single vehicle and its user, from driven to autonomous.
  • Development of a new design area looking into the movement of autonomous vehicles, from the perspective of aesthetic experiences and beyond function and practical use.
  • Studying the relationship between movement and brand identity in aiding the design of sound, light, haptics, interactions and dynamics to evolve the driving and wider mobility experience.

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Key details


More information

As the paradigms of vehicle design are shifting towards a new mobility, the influence of increased assimilation of information technology and autonomy in generating new aesthetic properties in vehicles have not yet been fully exploited through design. The project aims to study aesthetics of movements in nature, art and mobility to extend and enrich the scope of future autonomous and driving assistance designs and its relation to identity and branding.

The ongoing scoping project is defining the area of research to prioritise explorations, identifying case studies and cross disciplinary design experimentation. The research is investigating collective emotions and dance, as well as looking at collective movement of animals and how movement creates aesthetics in nature and mobility. In parallel, the project includes taxonomic research and primary research investigating driving assistance technologies.


Scoping Project


Cross-disciplinary Design Experimentation: VR experiential prototyping facility


Prototyping choreography with real vehicles adapted to different levels of autonomy.

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Choreography of Mobility

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