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Critical Practice

Contemporary Art Practice

Critical Practice provides a focused postgraduate pathway for artists who wish to extend and develop the critical dimensions of their practice. 

The pathway is studio-based and is focused upon supporting the development of the artistic practice of its students. We offer regular reading groups, seminars exploring ideas and themes, as well as opportunities to work on projects with public archives and institutions; in this way, Critical Practice students will develop the investigative skills and intuition often required for research too.

Successful artistic practice increasingly requires not only the production of works of art but a deep understanding of its changing contexts. With institutions like the gallery and the museum undergoing a considerable reexamination of their roles and the challenge presented by the internet to conventional frameworks of knowledge, the question of what a work of art might be and what kinds of experiences it can offer an audience is open. Critical theory has penetrated deeply into art criticism but what is its potential as material for the production of art? 

The Critical Practice pathway invites applications from artists working with any medium including text. The full resources of the School of Arts & Humanities – including film and audio recording facilities and the sculpture and printmaking workshops – are available to Critical Practice students.

To apply for the Critical Practice pathway please select 'Contemporary Art Practice' as your programme and tick the 'Critical Practice pathway' box within that.