The community projects and their challenges:

  1. West Norwood Feast brings a volunteer-powered street market to Norwood Road. It is a monthly market and more: it is a platform on which conversations can be had, friendships have been made, and skills can be shared. “Our aim is to make West Norwood a better place to live encouraging the development of the town centre through social and economic interventions.”
    Project outcome:  West Norwood Now 

  2. The Caribbean Hindu Cultural Society, established in 1959, was the first Hindu Organisation in South London for the promotion of Hinduism and Hindu Culture. It has evolved as a cohesive society reaching out into the wider community, providing a range of cultural programmes and activities which anyone of any age and cultural background may attend. 
    Project outcome: Show & Tell Companion

  3. Progress’s work includes organising horticultural activities in areas in need of regeneration, engaging participants from the local community and involving them in the development of their local environment. “We impart important life skills to participants, emphasising the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and ownership of local community and environment.” 
    Project outcome:  Patchwork Progress 

  4. The Brixton Society helps shape the future of Brixton by working to understand the history and built environment. The society aims to make Brixton a better place to live and work in, and to give local people a voice in what happens to their surroundings. Concern for the built environment is central to their objectives, with supplementary interests including local history and education.
    Project outcome:  The Brixton Voice 

  5. Hackney Stream is a digital participation community outreach project; an audio adventure led by citizens of the pre-digital era. The group focuses on older people, and how they can engage and learn about digital technology by actively participating in digital culture. They aim to create social and community activities through digital platforms enabling senior citizens to become more visible as proactive contributors to digital culture and local history. 
    Project outcome:  Tumble 
"How can digital technology address different cultural activities, aspirations and attitudes?"