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Cross-college symposium

The aim of the symposium brings together a wide range of speakers and an audience from various fields of design, art, science and industry.

2022 Mobility Metamorphosis Symposium

The Mobility Metamorphosis symposium will discuss the possibilities of a just transition in urban mobility, the cultural, technological, societal, ethical and aesthetic drivers of change which should inform the future designs for autonomous, shared, and sustainable mobility. It brings together researchers on architecture, city, mobility, technology and environment to address the need of cross-disciplinary collaboration to develop mobility solutions.

2020 Designing Intelligence into our Cities

The symposium explores what it means to design intelligence into our cities and how this differs from the smartness that has often been used to describe future cities?

2019 Transformation: arts <> cities <> mobility <> products <> services <> technology

The programme was divided into three sessions, each focused on one of the key topics: Transforming Cities and Society, Transforming Creativity and Practice and Transforming Mobility and Technology.

The Journal Club

The Journal Club is an internal event open to RCA staff and students which brings together PhD students and researchers to discuss a paper, book, article, professional report or similar. The presenter will briefly present a paper and then lead a discussion about the paper including its subject, how well (or otherwise) the paper is written, makes an arguments, and other pros and cons.

Details on how to join the sessions is available on the RCA intranet.

2022 papers include:

Thursday, 29 September 2022

  • Key speaker: Gerard Briscoe, Research Fellow, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design
  • Bio: Gerard is a design researcher in Technology Futures, focusing on interdisciplinary design-computing research in designing digital cultures for preferable futures.
  • Title of paper: Baumer, E.P., Blythe, M. and Tanenbaum, T.J., 2020, July. Evaluating design fiction: The right tool for the job. In Proceedings of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference (pp. 1901-1913).

Thursday, 27 October 2022

  • Key speaker: Chipp Jansen, Senior Research Associate - AiDLab
  • Bio: Chipp is researching physical and digital tools for the circular economy of textiles. His work on Circular Supply Chains focuses on bridging novel biomaterials research with consumer experience research.
  • Title of paper: McCormack, J., Gifford, T., Hutchings, P., 2019. Autonomy, Authenticity, Authorship and Intention in computer generated art

Thursday, 24 November 2022

  • Key speaker: Robin Severs, PhD Candidate, Intelligent Mobility Design Centre
  • Bio: Robin is a transport designer and researcher with a particular interest in the design of vehicles and transport systems that democratise mobility. He recently graduated from Coventry University's Automotive and Transport Design Research (MDes) programme, where his final thesis focused on how the design and implementation of Shared Autonomous Vehicles can encourage users to adopt this new technology. 
  • Title of paper: An Emergent Design Framework for Accessible and Inclusive Future Mobility, D. Henrik et al. ACM AutomotiveUI '22

Thursday, 15 December 2022

  • Key speaker: Bruna Petreca, Research Fellow in Human Experience and Materials, Materials Science Research Centre
  • Bio: Bruna is a design researcher and practitioner whose research engages with and develops a deeper understanding of the sensory characterisation of materials. Bruna holds a PhD in Design Products (Royal College of Art), and a BA in Fashion & Textiles (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil).
  • Title of paper: How Do Designers Feel Textiles? Bruna Petreca, Sharon Baurely, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, 2015 

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