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Key details


  • 6:30pm – 8:30pm


  • External (UK)


  • Free

Who could attend

  • Everyone


  • Lecture

Join us for the next session of Designing for Your Future Self on 24 May at the Design Museum to explore the impacts of emerging technologies for an ageing population.

Will technology revolutions also revolutionise how the UK’s ageing population grows older with agency and joy?

In this session, hear from a panel of expert researchers, designers and ageing advocates to explore the future of emerging technologies for an ageing society.

Technological advances are speeding up, with the 'World Economic Forum' predicting a fourth industrial revolution may already be underway. With a society that is rapidly ageing, emerging technologies hold huge potential for supporting older adults in the UK to remain physically and mentally active, financially secure and socially connected as they grow older. From personal robots to medical diagnoses, emerging technologies are set to shape the future of ageing.

Big data, AI, wearable tech, smart homes, 3D printing, virtual reality and the internet of things are already transforming the way we live our everyday lives, with the promise of even more technologically advanced homes, workplaces, and health, finance and social services on the horizon.

With 25% of the UK’s population being over the age of 65 by 2050, the coming decades will see many enter old age having grown up with advanced technologies as part of their everyday lives, shifting the current ageist perception that older people are more likely to resist new technology.

How are designers harnessing emerging technologies to create inclusive products and services that evolve not only with new advances but with the needs, interests and demands of an ageing and digitally engaged population?

Please note: More speakers to be confirmed soon.

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