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Climate 20XX is a group exhibition of eight students from our MA Information Experience Design. All works were produced as part of a brief titled Futures of Personhood delivered in September 2022.

We are one part of a vast ecosystem, formed by other species, forests, mountains, rivers, winds and oceans. These are some of the non-human entities that we depend on to exist and thrive, and they depend on us too. Only when we address these interdependencies will we achieve a more harmonious relationship with them, capable of sustaining life on Earth. This requires a multi-species mindset. Our culture of exploitation and extraction of natural ecosystems is not sustainable and is no longer benefiting anyone. We are currently witnessing its devastating effects at a global scale - climate destruction, ravaged biodiversity, pollution and so forth.

Through films and physical artefacts, Climate 20XX addresses such questions by imagining what kind of new relationships we might develop with non-human entities in the next 77 years, exploring at the same time issues related to the climate crisis. Each work is a portal to a possible future scenario within that time frame, inviting us to question current issues related to our waste culture, and to imagine what kind of new relationships and rituals we might develop with the natural world.

The pieces exhibited are works in progress, thought experiments and sketches of ideas that don’t intend to put forward solutions, but rather to make us think about our actions towards non-human entities today. We must develop a new way of existing that considers the human as part of a lively materiality.

Exhibiting Artists

Aijia Sun
Cyan D'Anjou
Hongyi Luo
Shuyuan Chen
Wenyu Wu
Xinyi Li
Yuchen Cao
Yuwei Li

Curator and organiser

IED tutor and researcher Nestor Pestana

Thanks to Orleans House Gallery and Andy Franzkowiak.

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