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Dr Eleanor Dare


  • Eleanor Dare is Reader in Digital Media at the RCA's School of Communication. She is also the Head of Programme for MA Digital Direction, a 15-month Master's programme addressing the future of storytelling. Eleanor is responsible for the implementation, development and day-to-day management of the MA Digital Direction programme. She delivers and evolves the curriculum while developing her own research, as well as networking with cultural partners, academics and industries.

  • Biography

  • Eleanor Dare has taught computer programming and themes relating to digital theory at Goldsmiths, the University of Derby, the Open University, UCL, the University of the Arts and the Royal College of Art. Her current writing and programming research are concerned with the limits of symbolic logic, representation and creative non-fiction as well as the implications of virtual reality.

    In the last 11 years, Eleanor has published numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed papers (solo and collaborative) addressing computation, AI, emerging narrative and systems of knowledge. These include chapters in MIT’s Leonardo, on photographing consciousness, The International Journal of the Book (on interactive narrative), IEEE Transactions on AI/VR: situated animation in the Library of Babel; as well as presenting pedagogic papers at Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education, addressing the confluence of digital mediation and formal systems of logic and knowledge. 

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  • Practice

  • Eleanor Dare has a PhD in Arts and Computational Technology from Goldsmiths Department of Computing, supported by a full doctoral studentship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

    Her doctoral thesis and MSc (Distinction) at Goldsmiths were concerned with computer programming practices, subjectivity and artificial intelligence for interactive and responsive books. The title of her thesis was 'Navigating Subjectivity: South a Psychometric Text Adventure.'

    Since completing her PhD in 2011 she has continued to research the ways in which computational systems try to understand humans, especially what happens when computers attempt to generate human-like cultural expressions. Inevitably, this has resulted in an increasing concern with the significance of critical-political situatedness and embodiment – factors which, she argues, are always implicated in human activity but neglected in computation. In 2018 she completed an OU MA in Creative Writing (Distinction), addressing virtuality and non-linear narrative structures. She has exhibited work addressing both the limits and potential of VR/AR and AI.

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  • External collaborations

  • Eleanor has worked on collaborations with Microsoft Research, The British Library Oral History collection, the Shanghai West Bund Art Fair (for the Art Fair Innovation research project), Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Festival, Tokyo University (for the Japan UK VR research project) and, in the future, Khora Contemporary, a VR development company for artists. Additionally, Eleanor serves on the following RCA committees and working groups:

    • RCA SoC RKE working group
    • RCA SoC Recruitment working group
    • RCA Senate
    • RCA Dyslexia Committee
    • RCA Technology Committee
    • RCA Changing the Culture working group
    Eleanor Dare is an external examiner for Ravensbourne and has been internal moderator for MA Fashion and MRes Healthcare and Design at RCA.

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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Conferences and Workshops

    • Dare, Eleanor, Ramanathan, Rathna, Simmons, Tom and Pochodzaj, Joseph (2020) 26th June, Conference or Workshop, Mediating tacit knowledges: a visual and sonic essay at UNCONFERENCE 2020, Reading (Virtual), 26 June 2020.
    • Dare, Eleanor and Lewis, Matt, 2019, Conference or Workshop, The Other Voice, RCA MA Digital Direction Elective with the British Library Oral History Collection at Oral History Society Regional Network Event, London, 23-11-2019.
    • Dare, Eleanor and Simmons, Tom, 2019, Conference or Workshop, RCA Crafting Futures Research Project, Panel Discussion: Crafting Futures in Central Asia countries. Opportunities and Challenges. at British Council, Crafting Futures, Central Asia and South Caucasus Crafts Networking Forum, Tblisi, Georgia, 07-Nov-2019.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'Radical Immersions: Navigating between virtual/physical environments and information bubbles', Rendlesham 360 at Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA 2019). London, 9 September 2019.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'The Upper Ontology of the World part 2, considering Zuboff (2019) & McQuillan (2017)', Postdisciplinary Epistemologies. London, 7 June 2019.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'Empathy for the Devil: inside the headset with Norman Bates', Virtual Realities and Alterities. London, 9 May 2019.
    • Dare, E. and Antonopoulou, A. (2019) 'The riverine Archive: preserving the contingency of digital heritage', DCAC 2019: Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology. Greece, 10–11 May 2019.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'Machine Learning for Creative Transfer', Hong Kong Poly University Artificial Intelligence Symposium. Hong Kong, 26 February 2019.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Normative validity and the quantified academic self', Post-H(uman) index? Politics, metrics, and agency in the accelerated academy. Cambridge University, 29–30 December 2018.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Ontological platforms: deconstructing Moodle and the ideology of personalized learning', Capitalism, Social Science and the Platform University. Cambridge, 13–14 December 2018.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Digital Fluency and digital epistemology', Royal College of Art Autumn Teaching Conference. London, 17 September 2018.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Munging Analytica: God tricks, con tricks and yet more views from above', RCA Cross College Symposium: Feminisms and Materialisms. London, 25 May 2018.
    • Dare, E. and Antonopoulou, A. (2018)  'Phi_VR_books: Collaborative documentation of our recent digital past', 22nd Annual Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA 2018). Valletta, Malta, 9–12 September 2018. 
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Turpin's Cave: choice and deception in a virtual realm', 22nd Annual Digital Research in the Humanities and the Arts (DRHA 2018). Valletta, Malta, 9–12 September 2018. 
    • Dare, E. and Heaney, L. (2018) 'MA Digital Direction, MA Information Experience Design',  Electronic Visualisation and the Arts. London, 9–13 July 2018.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'The Second Death Of The Author? Immersive Book Forms Using Ar/Vr And Ai', The Media Production Show. London, 12–13 June 2018.
    • Dare, E. & Antonopoulou, A. (2018) 'The life of a book: Agency, Autonomy, and VR Fictions', Movement 2018. London, 16-17-February 2018.
    • Dare, E. (2017)  'New approaches to STEM and STEAM Education, a case-study of MA Digital Direction, Royal College of Art', International Forum on Education of Art, Science and Technology (EAST). Beijing, China, 29–30 November 2017.
    • Dare, E. (2017) Key note speaker with Alexandra Antonpoulou. Greenwich University Animation Conference, Greenwich University, UK.
    • Dare, E. (2017) Chaired two conference panels and presented the paper ‘Fractal & Linear Borders: Mapping Boundaries to Sound’. Co-presented paper 'The Phi Books: Borders, Doors and Walls as a Collaboration Methodology', with Dr Alexandra Antonopoulou. Somewhere In Between: Borders and Borderlands, London College of Communication, UAL, UK.
    • Dare, E. (2017) Workshop presentation, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK.
    • Dare, E. (2012) Joint paper with Shabina Aslam Live Interfaces, Leeds University, Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music, UK. 
    • Dare, E. (2012) Digital Futures Series, Victoria and Albert Museum, Sackler Centre, London, UK.
    • Dare, E. (2012) International Festival of Digital Art, Watermans Art Centre, London, UK.


    • Dare, Eleanor (2020) (editor, Elena Papadaki) ‘Empathy for the Devil, 2019, VR installation and screen capture’, Exhibiting the Analogue / Exhibiting The Digital: after thoughts on an exhibition, Exhibition publication, London: Greenwich Galleries.
    • Yamada-Rice, Dylan, Dare, Eleanor and Main, Angus (2020) Printed Publication, Location-based Virtual Reality experiences for children: Japan-UK knowledge exchange network final project report, available at:   
    • Dare, Eleanor, 2020, Locked down in the neoliberal Smart City: A-systemic technologies in crisis Chapter: in Equality in the City, Intellect Books (editor Susan Flynn).
    • Dare, Eleanor, 2020, ‘Rear Psycho: Hitchcock’s horror language mediated by AI.’ in Language Games, Edited by Hannah Lammin and Sheena Calvert. Cambridge, MA: Leonardo, MIT Press.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'The Upper Ontology of the World', in: I scared my Computer, London: RCA SU.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'Turpin's Cave: choice and deception in a virtual realm', International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 15 (1). 0-11.
    • Dare. E. & Antonopoulou, A. (2016) ‘Emerging Forms of Collaboration: Communities of Practice Online through Networked Fictions, Dreams and Stories’, In: Kok, A. and Lee, H. (eds) Cultural, Behavioral, and Social Considerations in Electronic Collaboration, IGI publishers.
    • Dare. E. & Papadaki, E. (2016) 'Bare nothingness - situated subjects in embodied artist's systems', In:  Deliyannis, I., Kostagiolas, P. and Banou, C. (eds) Experimental Multimedia Systems for Interactivity and Strategic Innovations, IGI publishers.
    • Dare, E. (2014) Cities Methodologies 2014: Buildings on fire: Towards a new approach to urban memory, Slade Research Centre, UCL, UK.
    • Dare, E. (2012) 'Black Boxes and God-Tricks: an Account of Using Medical Imaging Systems to Photograph Consciousness in the Context of a Digital Arts Practice', Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 18 (3), 60-71. London: MIT Press.
    • Antonopoulou, A. and Dare, E. (2012) 'Phi Territories, Neighbourhoods of Collaboration and Participation', Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 5 (1). Intellect Books.
    • Dare, E. (2011) 'Post-Desktop Publishing:  An interactive book for an era of ubiquitous digitally', International Journal of the Book, 8 (1). Common Ground Research Networks.

    Journal papers

    • Dare, Eleanor, 2020, Diffracting Virtual Realities: Towards an anti-theatre of VR in On Diffraction, (editor Annouchka Bayley) Special edition of Performance Research Vol. 26.5. 2020.
    • Dare, E. (2019) 'Power Postures And Landing Pages, The Long-Tail Of Neoliberalism' Discover Society (68), 1-16.
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'AI/VR: situated animation in the Library of Babel' IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph, 24 (4).
    • Dare, E. (2018) 'Out of the Humanist Matrix: Learning taxonomies beyond Bloom' Spark: UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal (forthcoming).
    • Aslam, S. and Dare, E. (2015) 'Skype, code and shouting: a digitally mediated drama between Egypt and Scotland', Leonardo, (48), 3. London: MIT Press.
    • Dare, E. (2013) 'Blood-Sugar Roulette: a case study of bio-geometric body-art', Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, 0 (1). Media-N.
    • Dare, E. and Weinberg, L. (2011) 'Algorithms for Social Curation', Body Space and Technology Journal, 11. Brunel University, London.
    • Dare, E. (2011–2012) 'Figure and Ground, the body as a locus of narrative and knowing', GLITS–e English and Comparative Literature Journal. Goldsmiths, University of London.


    • Empathy for the Devil in Fast Forward to the Analogue: Vintage Immersions, University of Greenwich Galleries, Project Space (2019).
    • APPROXIMATELY 800cm3 OF PLA, Phi Object, University of Wisconsin, USA (2018).
    • Cities Methodologies 2014: Buildings on fire: Towards a new approach to urban memory, Slade Research Centre, UCL, UK (2014).
    • Prism Project, London Design Festival 2012, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.
    • Springtime (2012). Directed by Sabina Aslam, Produced by Ankur Theatre Productions [Tron Theatre, Glasgow, UK]. Created a set of computer games to help actors originate characters. 
    • The Olympics of the Everyday (2012). Produced by Ankur Theatre Productions, Glasgow. Technology Artist for the project. 
    • Media and the Senses (2011), Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.
    • Sounds Like Graffiti (2010). Directed by Shabina Aslam. Heuristic tools for generating writing, were used in workshops to help the participants generate material for this project. Designed and edited a prototype recording system and edited a book to accompany the project.


    • Yamada-Rice, D., Dare, E., Main, A., Potter, J. and Love, S. (2019), 'Location-based Virtual Reality Experiences for Children: Japan-UK knowledge exchange network: Tokyo Workshop', Tokyo, Japan, 24–28 June 2019.
    • Dare, E., Yamada-Rice, D. and Main, A. (2019) 'Other, Reflections on the UK network week'. RCA, London, UK.   
    • Dare, E. (2019) Monograph, Art Fair Innovations in Shanghai & London Project Report, London (Unpublished).
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  • Awards and Grants

    • 2019: British Council, Crafting Futures (Co-I)
    • 2019:  Research funding from Microsoft for AI and Work project (PI)
    • 2019: AHRC/EPRSC, Art Fair Innovations (Co-I) RCA
    • 2019: AHRC/ESRC 2019 UK-Japan network focused on location-based VR for children (Co-I) RCA
    • 2019 : Funding for VR Alterities Symposium (With Claudia Dutson, Vali Lalioti, Indira Knight and Bruna Petreca)
    • 2017: Teaching and Learning Fund for a Digital Fluency project across UAL
    • 2007–2011: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council full doctoral studentship

  • Research students

  • Kelly Spanou, Lawrence Lek, Simon Picard, Amina Abbas-Nazari, Hang Li, Harshadha Balasubramanian

Selected work


Research interests

Eleanor Dare is interested in the limits of symbolic logic to communicate embodied experiences. Many of these limits can be exposed by examining points of breakdown, not only in computational systems, but in human systems, for example the limits of our memory and language. Her work as an artist and researcher continues to investigate the implications, in particular, of creativity and artificially intelligent expressive systems.

Current and recent research

Eleanor is part of the research team evolving an RCA/Hong Kong Poly University Artificial Intelligence Design Laboratory (AiDLab).

  • 2019: AHRC/EPRSC, Art Fair Innovations (Co-I) RCA
  • 2019: AHRC/ESRC 2019 UK-Japan network focused on location-based VR for children (Co-I) RCA
  • 2019: Research funding from Microsoft for AI and Work project (PI) 
  • 2019: Funding for VR Alterities Symposium (With Claudia Dutson, Vali Lalioti, Indira Knight and Bruna Petreca)
  • 2017: Teaching and Learning Fund for a Digital Fluency project across UAL
  • 2007–2011: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council full doctoral studentship

Research students