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Resting Reef

A meaningful funeral service and cemetery that regenerates marine biodiversity, sequesters carbon and prevents coastal erosion.

At a glance

  • An eco-friendly burial and cemetery service
  • A nature centred oyster capsule and human centred service
  • Allowing people to choose a carbon negative legacy
  • Shifting the industry from focusing on death, to life and regenerate growth

Key details

More information

Death is killing our planet: A typical cremation has a footprint equivalent to about 400kg CO2.

100 million acres of land is deforested just in the US each year. Chemicals from embalming processes seek into the soil and million tons of concrete and steel is being used to build graves.

150,000 people die every day, and the number is rising as the world’s population increases.

Our ecosystems are suffering as a consequence of our ongoing unsustainable industries and practices. One very important ecosystem being the marine ecosystem.

An example of this is that 85% of the world native oyster reefs have been lost mainly due to human activities.

We are connecting two industries that are seemingly unrelated: Oyster Reef Restoration programmes and the Funeral industry.

When it comes to death, we are asking: how might we make something that feels so meaningless, into something meaningful?

More details on how we do this will come soon. Sign up on our website if you wish to learn more.


Aura Murillo

Aura Elena Murillo Pérez


Louise Skajem

Louise Lenborg Skajem


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