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FloatSync is building a separation system enabling high-quality decentralised recycling.

At a glance

  • FloatSync is a mechanical recycling solution designed to improve the separation accuracy of plastics in the sorting process.
  • Our vision is to bring recycling to remote places where plastic pollution is the most relevant and pressing of concerns.
  • By creating a smart solution we help reduce GHG emissions and offer a new way of feeding back plastic material into the recycling supply chain in line with the circular economy for reuse.

Key details

More information

The most concerning and pressing challenge is the global state of plastic pollution and the lacking infrastructure.

Current systems are built for expensive large-scale factories that do not suit the needs and financial situation of countries importing plastic. This leads to massive value and material loss that can be stopped at the source and prevent pollution. This requires both high-quality recycled material as well as a more cost-effective and mobile solution.

We have done extensive research into the problem both on current solutions and customer demands by reaching out to partners in Asia and Europe as well as analysing research data.

Our team has successfully built a laboratory prototype that can produce high-quality separated plastic flakes and has the right geometry and design to be a compact solution for remote usage (in universities, villages, islands).

Our product drastically reduces the price for a separation system based on our current BOM. We propose to build and test our MVP in the first stage and then move to a roll-out via sales first. In the future we envision attractive leasing and licensing models and roll-out to larger markets.

By focussing on the social and environmental impact we hope to collaborate with the public and exert pressure, showing that recycling is possible and worthwhile.

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