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Dr Tania López Winkler is an educator, architect and exhibiting artist. Her research is concerned with semiotic readings of the fabric of reality and interior topologies, with particular interest in material registers of human experience and everyday fictions in their role as depositories of collective memory and creative catalysts.

Tania is leader of super MATTER in the Interior Design program. She brings her wide range of art and design practice to contribute with a creative teaching of the Interior Design field.

Tania’s current research departs from the topological and semiotic readings of material experience, and space production. with particular interest in the minute, the absurd and the marginal aspects of human inhabitation. Her practice explores the alter-ego as means to enquire different aspects of modernity manifested materially through various media and creative outcomes.

Tania holds a PhD from the Architectural Association, with her thesis 'The Detective of Modern Life'. Through the fictional figure of the Private Detective, she identified the clue as a semiotic device.

Tania’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. In 2015 she received the Latin UK Award Visual Artist of the Year.

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