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James Tooze


  • James Tooze is Senior Tutor in Design Products at the Royal College of Art. At the RCA he co-runs the Exploring Emergent Futures Platform (EEF), initiates and runs research projects under the Distributed Everything Lab (DE Lab) as well as teaching and researching more broadly. He is a designer, maker and researcher (commercial and academic) with a focus on three interwoven areas of open design, open fabrication and digital manufacturing.     

  • Biography

  • James Tooze is the principle investigator of a British Council / AHRC funded study into ethics in makerspaces (£35k) and was Co-I then PI on the EPSRC funded Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing Network (£500k) running from Jan 2014 to June 2017. He is a founding member of the Distributed Everything Lab (DE Lab) at the RCA. The DE Lab was established to explore new approaches to design, distribution and modes of consumption that are calibrated to the transition to a circular economy by all sectors of society and all scales of enterprise. James is a member of the Fab City Collective, a global network that is advocating, developing and researching the concept of locally productive and globally connected cities. 

    James jointly runs the Exploring Emergent Futures Platform in Design Products. The EEF Platform challenges it's students to ask and respond to big meta questions relating to where we are headed and how we want to live and in so doing seek to understand how we got to now and what would be a preferred next. The Platform explores and plays with tomorrow’s present; creating a dialogue that contains predictions, projections, ideas and theories. This is done through research, experimentation, prototyping, the creation possible products and object oriented narratives. We ask students to respond as designers by making tangible outcomes that have a direct impact on the way things are or by showing what might be possible, if only. EEF has run collaborative projects with FormlabsOpendesk and SPACE10

    Prior to joining the RCA in 2014 James was a lecturer and researcher at Brunel University, working on projects funded by Horizon, Digital Economy Research Hub and RCUK Digital Economy. James is a graduate of Design Products at the Royal Collage of Art and the University of Plymouth. Before studying at the RCA James ran Batch Design, an independent design and production studio specialised in the design and fabrication of furniture and site-specific installations.

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