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Preserving Machine

Taking contemporary art practice/ performance as its starting point, the project investigates radically different and ethical ways we can engage with contemporary technology - aviation technology/ drone storytelling, artificial intelligence (AI), neurotechnology, Web3.0 decentralised ecosystems (metaverse, DAOs, NFTs) to support environmental sustainability locally, working together with indigenous artists and communities.

At a glance

Performance is the foundation of the project, a collaborative performative piece that will raise awareness, operate as an educational tool, generate multiple streams of revenue and promotion.

In this new work we would like to expand and bring to the next level our current practices, technologically and in relation to increased ethical and critical application of technology that would serve a higher purpose to the planet through creating complex sustainable simpoietic economies. A new performance piece will be informed by Indigenous cultures we will be working with, Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies. It will address climate change narrating the interconnectedness of the organic and technological systems in the contemporary metaverse age and new emerging digital-bio queer ecologies, as well as introducing new perspectives on moving towards more sustainable futures when technology and ecology are intertwined in ethical ways.

The project operates as an art practice-led decolonial reparative across digital and non digital spaces with potential transferability to new educative practices on different scales (schools, museums/ communities, higher education).

Key details

More information

The core issues the project is concerned with are:

● The exploitation of Indigenous lands and commercialisation that commonly result in water and soil pollution which tremendously affect the living conditions of local communities, posing a threat to Indigenous cultural practices through forcing people to leave their traditional lands in search of different jobs in larger cities

● Traditional charity systems lack knowledge of the grass roots issues small indigenous communities face, relying on

bureaucratic management and well established organizations removing agency from those they are trying to help

● Extractive approach to technological application that does not consider a Regenerative Earth policy.

We propose to create a global community-led decentralised autonomous system based on a spectrum of creative activities that involve contemporary technology and Indigenous arts, raising funds to resolve climate change issues locally through collaboration with Indigenous communities, preservation of Indigenous cultural practices and empowerment of Indigenous artists/ communities.

The primary research outputs will include a new performance work, a series of international group exhibitions in physical realm (partnerships with globally leading art and cultural institutions) and in metaverse (partnerships with virtual gallery platforms, meta-lands/ real estate in metaverse), workshops with indigenous communities (in partnership with local art and cultural institutions), online talks and symposia alongside many others.

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