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A methane-reduction device for the livestock industry

ZELP is a methane-reduction device and certification system that aims to reduce the environmental impact of methane emissions caused by the livestock industry. Methane from cows contributes for 44% of the total livestock industry emissions, and is one of the main drivers of global warming.  ZELP wants to combat this in three ways.

The first is a wearable device for cows. ZELP have developed a patented wearable device that neutralises methane emissions by oxidising them in real time into carbon dioxide. This reduces the environmental impact of the methane emissions by a factor of 25 (according to its Global Warming Potential over 100 years), or by a factor of 85 (Global Warming Potential over 20 years). ZELP’s second facet is its certification system. As well as the wearable device, ZELP is creating a quality stamp certification system to let consumers know the meat and dairy products produced from ZELP cows are the more sustainable option. This certification will allow farmers to add a premium to the retail price of their products, allowing them to recoup the purchase costs of the ZELP wearable device. Lastly, the technology allows for large amounts of data to be gathered, informing farmers, processors, and governments on animal efficiency, health, mitigation, and greenhouse gas inventories.

ZELP Founder Francisco Norris began working on the project whilst studying for his Masters in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art.


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