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Talking Interiors with Ab Rogers: Emotional Spaces and Engaging Objects

8 November 2012


'Emotional Spaces and Engaging Objects' was the inaugural Talking Interiors lecture delivered by Ab Rogers, Head of the RCA Interior Design programme.

To celebrate the introduction of the new MA in Interior Design at the RCA, Ab Rogers delivered the first lecture in a major public series titled Talking Interiors, in which the role of the interior was dissected, evaluated and discussed.

Ab Rogers is the Head of the Interior Design programme at the Royal College of Art. He is also the Creative Director of Ab Rogers Design, a multi-disciplinary practice based in London working across the commercial and cultural sectors, whose clients include Tate Modern, Pompidou Centre Paris, Capital Museum Beijing, Selfridges, Comme des Garçons, COMO Hotels and The Fat Duck.

'Be it a hotel, a museum exhibition, a millionaire’s mansion, a café, a department store or a hospital ward, we want to create imaginative yet practical solutions that improve the performance, experience and emotional quality that a space has to offer.'
– Ab Rogers


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